Watch: Kodak Black Rushes to Rescue Car Crash Victim
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The incident is captured in his Instagram Live session, with the rapper offering to call an Uber for the female victim.

AceShowbiz - All the recent controversy surrounding him aside, Kodak Black truly has a heart of gold. The "Zeze" rapper was leisurely driving around the highway on Wednesday night, March 6 when he saw a flipped car on the side of the road. Being a good Samaritan, he immediately stopped his vehicle and rushed to help the victim.

The incident was all captured in his Instagram Live session. "You alright? You OK? Want me to help you?" Kodak could be heard asking as he approached a woman poking out of the flipped vehicle's window. As he assisted the woman in the vehicle, he was recognized by another Samaritan, who suggested the police be contacted.

Upon hearing the suggestion, both Kodak and the woman refused the idea. "Please don't call the cops," the woman could be heard saying. The 21-year-old musician later thought that calling the police might be a good idea after all, but he didn't want to be the one doing it. "I ain't calling the cops," he said, before asking the other Samaritan to call them instead. He also offered alternative suggestion, "Want me to send you an Uber?"

The exchange continued for sometime before Kodak could be heard telling the victim, "I wanted to see if you straight, and pull you out the car." After making sure that other people could deal with the issue, he decided to leave. Turning back to his Instagram Live session, Kodak admitted he had to leave before the arrive. He then big farewell to his followers by singing a few well-timed Aaliyah lyrics.

This arrives a few days after Kodak caught himself in a social media war with Reginae Carter and her mom, Toya Wright, over a comment he made about Lil Wayne. After Reginae told him to respect her father more, Kodak hit back by calling her a "bald-headed daughter." Toya defended her daughter after that, but the "Calling My Spirit" spitter just wouldn't let them have the last laugh.

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