Find Out How Nina Dobrev Achieves Visible Abs Despite Eating More Than 3 Times a Day

In a new interview with Women's Health magazine, the former 'Vampire Diaries' actress reveals all her fitness and health methods that she uses to stay in top shape.

AceShowbiz - Nina Dobrev has finally shared the secret of her bikini body despite eating more than three times a day. Landing the cover of Women's Health magazine for its January-February 2019 issue, the former leading lady of "The Vampire Diaries" spilled on the beauty regimes she follows to maintain her toned abs.

In an interview with the publication, the 29-year-old actress credited her fitness secret to a "workout cocktail", which comprises of yoga, running, weight training, boxing, and group classes. "Doing something different [each day] has been the most fun," she explained, "and I've seen the most benefit because you shock your system."

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#NinaDobrev is our January/February cover star! ⚡⚡⚡ Nearly a decade after The Vampire Diaries defined her, @nina's ready to define *herself* for a change: She's showing off her comedy skills in her new show @famcbs, switching up her workouts (and seeing results she's super proud of), and setting some major career and life goals. "I sort of want to do everything," she tells WH of branching out as an actress. "I know for sure I am capable of it. Because people know me a certain way, it's been a process to change minds and show everybody else that I'm capable of it too." Link in bio for the full cover story, hitting stands 12/25. 📷: @wattsupphoto

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The former girlfriend of Ian Somerhalder additionally explained that she got "more conscious" of what she eats and how she eats as she gets older. Nonetheless, she admitted that she "tries to eat every two hours" to keep her metabolism stable. As the result, she gushed, "I feel healthier. You're happier when your body is full, your brain functions better, and you're a nicer person."

Dobrev also made sure she broke out in a sweat on daily basis, "even if it's just in the steam room." Yet, she wasn't afraid to admit, "Some days better than others, I'll be honest with you. Some days, [her dog] Maverick gets a shorter walk than she probably deserves, if I'm running late or don't have it together or press the snooze button 18 times too many."

Aside from her beauty regime, the "xXx: Return of Xander Cage" actress also opened up about her desire to juggle her career and a family of her own. "I can and will definitely have both [career and family]," she voiced her determination. Still, she did note that the plan won't come true anytime soon since she is "still working on me."

"When I do have a family, I can focus my full energy on that, but I'm not ready for it yet," she confessed. "In 10 years, hopefully, I will be - for my mom's sake. My mom wanted me to have a baby 10 years ago. She gets me baby clothes for Christmas every year. She's like, 'Hint, hint, nudge, nudge!'"

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