Lionel Richie Pleads With Scott Disick to Leave Sofia Alone: He's a 'Bad Influence'

Lionel is not the only one concerned with Sofia's romance with Kourtney Kardashian's ex as Nicole Richie is also not giving her blessing to sister Sofia and Scott's 'unhealthy' relationship.

AceShowbiz - Lionel Richie is an over-protective dad who wants to keep his daughters away from "a bad influence." And yes, by a bad influence, the musician is referring to daughter Sofia Richie's boyfriend Scott Disick. Lionel allegedly wishes the two to break up and even make pleas to the reality TV star/restaurateur to leave his 19-year-old daughter alone.

"Lionel has reached out to Scott multiple times to end his relationship with Sofia," says a source close to the "American Idol" judge to, "Lionel has made subtle hints to the media that he does not approve of the relationship."

As for why, the source claims that the "All Night Long" hitmaker thinks that 34-year-old Scott "is too old" for his much younger daughter. In addition, "[Scott's] bad boy reputation is too much for Lionel." Considering the "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" star as a bad influence, "the concerned father has made pleas to Scott to leave his daughter alone and date someone his own age."

Lionel has also asked Sofia to leave Scott, whom she began dating in 2017. "Lionel has also discussed the issue with Sofia, but she is so young and rebellious, she refuses to listen to her father," the source adds. "Lionel is hoping Scott is more mature and respectful enough to obey his wishes, but so far no luck, which is breaking the dad's heart."

Lionel appears to be not the only one concerned with Sofia's romance with the ex of Kourtney Kardashian. Her sister, Nicole Richie, is also not giving her blessing to Sofia and Scott's "unhealthy" relationship.

"Nicole has reached out to her sister Sofia, pleading with her to end her unhealthy relationship with Scott," another source tells Nicole allegedly worries that Scott, who shares 3 children with Kourtney, and "his bad-boy ways, are a bad influence on her much younger little sister. Nicole thinks Scott is way too old for Sofia and Nicole freaked out when she learned that Sofia has been hanging out with Scott's kids too."

First spotted together in May 2017, Sofia initially denied dating Scott as she wrote in a now-deleted Twitter post, "Just so everyone can get their panties out of their a**es, Scott and I are just homies." However, the pair continued to be caught spending time together before making their relationship Instagram official in last September.

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