Tommy Lee Says Pamela Anderson 'Poisoned' Sons Against Him After She Calls Him 'a Disaster'

The former 'Baywatch' actress insists her son Brandon 'acted out of self-defense' during the alternation with Tommy and blames Tommy's alcoholism and his fiancee for his behavior.

AceShowbiz - Pamela Anderson has broken her silence on the drama involving her son Brandon Lee and his father Tommy Lee. In an open letter published on her website titled "Alcoholism Is the Devil", the blonde bombshell expressed her full support for her son while blaming her ex's alcoholism and his fiancee Brittany Furlan for his behavior.

"I have complete faith in Brandon and his team to resolve this unfortunate and sad situation regarding his father. ... I stand beside my son who acted out of self defense and was scared for his life," she wrote. "I pray Tommy gets the help he needs. His actions are desperate and humiliating - He is a disaster spinning out of control and he is not acting like a father. But this is nothing new."

She claimed that their sons Brandon and Dylan "have made every attempt to help him in recent months - staying with him to make sure he's ok. Just by being present with him they were hoping he'd feel loved and act differently. ... We have all tried to protect him and help him for too long."

The 50-year-old actress added, "Him blaming his son or us for anything is delusional." She went on accusing his fiancee Brittany of keeping "him drunk." Calling the rocker a "narcissist/sociopath," she said he's "jealous of his sons talent and beauty from the day they were born."

"I will never talk to Tommy again before he is sober and in his right mind," she continued saying. "Brandon has asked me to stay in France and not come home right now."

Responding to Pamela's letter, Tommy flatly denied all her claims. He said in a statement, "My alleged 'alcoholism' has nothing to do with this. I've been in therapy and working on myself, my fiancee is the one who got me into therapy! The boys never once came and talked to me and told me they felt I had a problem. However, my fiancee has been helping me since we've been together."

"Do I drink? Yes. Do I drink more than the average Joe? Yes. Have I ever hurt my sons or acted out of turn with them because of my drinking? No. My fiancee barely drinks," the Motley Crue drummer added. "We don't do any hard drugs, I haven't in years. No matter how much people wanna pin me as this deviant alcoholic abuser, that isn't me. I'm a happy, fun loving guy. I'm joking around all the time, and people take it the wrong way sadly."

He claimed, "The boys have been poisoned against me sadly. Because I was on tour working; making money to pay for their private schools and their cars, and their future, so they spent more time with their mother. She became the hero. And I've come to peace with that."

"Always love my kids, but I won't let them abuse me. I won't let them be in my house and disrespect me like they did. I think they just need some time to learn how to be on their own," he continued. "They've been given everything their entire lives, never been reprimanded, never had to work for anything. I want them to get jobs, stable jobs, consistent jobs, not their inconsistent modeling and acting work here and there that doesn't make enough money for them to survive."

"I love my boys, I will always love my boys, I just want them to learn that you cannot hurt people without repercussion," Tommy concluded.

As reported before, Tommy and Brandon had a tussle on Monday night that left the 55-year-old rocker with swollen and bloody lips. Cops were called to Tommy's house at around 10:49 P.M., but by the time authorities arrived, Brandon had left the scene. Brandon has been named a person of interest in the ongoing investigation for criminal battery, but no arrest has been made.

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