Ewan McGregor Gets Dumped by Mary Elizabeth Winstead Because She Hates Being Labeled 'Home Wrecker'

The 'Fargo' actress reportedly ditches her co-star because she 'hated being labeled a home wrecker and the embarrassment it caused her.'

AceShowbiz - It appears that %cEwan McGregor% and %cMary Elizabeth Winstead%'s newly-built romance has come to an end. Mary has dumped her "Fargo" co-star, who left his wife of 22 years for the actress, according to a new report.

A source told Star Magazine (via Daily Mail) that Mary ditched her new boyfriend because she "hated being labeled a home wrecker and the embarrassment it caused her." The source went on saying, "It's sad because a year ago Ewan and his wife were in great shape and then he decided to throw it all away for Mary."

"Now it looks like he's lost them both for good," added the source.

When asked if she's heard about the alleged split, Ewan's estranged wife Eve Mavrakis told The Mail on Sunday, February 25, "No, I hadn't heard." She continued, "I really don't know. Sorry."

Ewan officially filed for divorce from Eve on January 19, citing "irreconcilable differences" as the reason of the separation. Ewan and Eve, who reportedly have separated since May 2017, share four children together, Clara (21), Jmyan (16), Esther (15) and Anouck (6). The divorce comes after Ewan was caught kissing Mary in a cafe in North West London back in 2017.

The split not only breaks Eve's heart but also her children's as one of them publicly slammed her dad over his cheating scandal. Esther uploaded on Instagram a video of her strumming her guitar and singing a song, which is titled "Made You a Man", about "dumbs**t that I found online." It seemed like she was referencing to the pictures of her father kissing Mary.

She went on singing, "Happy birthday to me, am I right?" before continuing, "I don't know to forgive. I don't know if I can. Ruining me."

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