Ewan McGregor

  • Ewan McGregor
    • Famous as : Actor
    • Birth Name : Ewan Gordon McGregor
    • Birth Date : March 31, 1971
    • Birth Place : Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland
    • Spouse : Eve Mavrakis (production designer, since 22-Jul-95, split)
    • Claim to Fame : As Mark Renton in "Trainspotting" (1995)

Ewan McGregor Biography

Ewan Gordon McGregor is possibly the most noted Scottish actor aside from Sean Connery. With excellent acting skills as well as his determination to portray any character convincingly, no wonder he could impressively attain a terrific accomplishment in just a short period of time. Successfully making his way to enter Hollywood film industry, he surely has emerged as one of the prominent actors in the world.

Ewan's acting talent had been apparent since he was still a little boy. Although he was much involved in singing during his study at Morrison Academy, he often presented the impersonations of Elvis Presley to entertain his friends and family. This, without no doubt, had revealed that he was more interested in music and arts, unlike his older brother, Colin, who was considered as a bright student in academics. His desire to act rose when he saw his uncle, Denis Lawson, played the role of Wedge Antilles in the original "Star Wars" trilogy. "He had long hair, beads and a furry waistcoat," he recalled. "I aspired to be as different as he seemed to me."

Ewan McGregor Biography

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