Wendy Williams Faces Backlash After Claiming Beyonce 'Needs Auto-Tune'

Many people are enraged by the talk show host's claims as they think that the songstress can sing without auto-tune.

AceShowbiz - Plenty of people have negative things to say about Stacy Ferguson a.k.a. Fergie's rendition of the National Anthem, and Wendy Williams is not an exception. While she was criticizing the singer in the February 20 episode of her show, she took the opportunity to slam other female musicians. Among them was Beyonce Knowles.

"There are only a few people who can sing raw dog and Fergie is not one, she needs auto-tune," the talk show host said. "Jen Lopez [Jennifer Lopez] needs auto-tune. Janet [Janet Jackson] needs auto-tune. Beyonce needs auto-tune." Soon after Wendy mentioned Bey's name, the audience collectively gasped.

Wendy then named singers whom she believes do not need auto-tune. "Adele, Aretha [Aretha Franklin], Celine [Celine Dion], Dionne Warwick and Mariah [Mariah Carey], they don't need nothing. They sing raw dog, you know?" she noted.

Her remarks, obviously, sparked rage on social media. "WENDY WILLIAMS BEYONCE HAS AUTO TUNE WHERE???" one user posted along with a clip of Bey flawlessly hitting high notes during a live performance. Another shared a clip of Bey's a cappella performance of "Halo" and wrote, "Wendy Williams: 'Beyonce needs auto tune to sing.' "

"Something is wrong with Wendy Williams y'all. We need to stop acting like she's okay. She thinks Beyonce needs auto tune. That's crack-ish," one user said. One other commented, "Wendy Williams said Beyonce can't sing without autotune... I almost smacked her through the tv screen."

This wasn't the first time Wendy came after Beyonce. She previously slammed the songstress by saying that she lacked an education. After claiming that she was a fan of Beyonce, Wendy remarked, "You know Beyonce can't talk. Beyonce sounds like she has a fifth grade education. Honestly, we really do have the closed captioning for times like that."

As a result, Wendy was booed by the audience. And of course, she got defensive. "Excuse me I just said I was a fan. But we have to call a spade a spade," she told the audience.

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