Marilyn Manson Slams Justin Bieber, Calls Him 'Real Piece of S**t'

The 'Love Yourself' hitmaker allegedly told the rocker, 'I made you revelant again,' after the latter confronted Bieber for using his image on his tour T-shirt without his consent.

AceShowbiz - Justin Bieber may be one of the most beautiful people in the world, but Marilyn Manson isn't that impressed with him. During an interview with Billboard, the rocker dished on his feud with the "Sorry" hitmaker.

It all came down after Bieber used Manson's image for his "Purpose" merchandise in 2016, while Manson claimed that he never signed off on the T-shirt. When the rocker recently met Bieber in Los Angeles, he decided to confront the younger artist about it.

"I ran into him in some fancy bar where a lot of celebrities, a word that I despise, go," the "Beautiful People" singer told the magazine. "I saw a little girl in a pink hoodie with blond hair, and it turns out to be Bieber."

The rocker continued, "I sit down, and I say, 'Hey, so you wore my shirt and everything onstage.' " Much to Manson's surprise and annoyance, the Biebs responded, "I made you relevant again."

"He was a real piece of s**t in the way he had the arrogance to say that," Manson added. "He was a real touchy-feely guy, too, like, 'Yo yo bro!' and touches you when he's talking. I'm like, 'You need to stand down, you're d**k height on me, okay? Alright? So stand down, son.' "

Feeling disrespected, Manson plotted a petty, hilarious revenge on Bieber. Manson explained, "I reply, 'That was a great idea you had about doing [my song] 'The Beautiful People' at your show at Staples Center tomorrow.' And he goes, 'Yeah, it was,' not knowing that I told him an idea that I had just made up."

Manson, whose 10th studio album is due out next month, continued, "His tour manager sat down, and I asked, 'What time is sound check tomorrow? What time should I be there? Because we're going to do 'Beautiful People'.' " He added, "He believed that I'd show up, because he was that stupid."

Of the merchandise dispute, Manson said, "It was nice though that I didn't have to sue his company for making the shirts that he wore with his name and my face on it." He concluded, "They were very much like, 'We know we're wrong here; just take as many dollars as you want.' So it was a double 'f**k you,' but wouldn't have happened if he hadn't said, 'I made you relevant again.' "

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