Lee Joon Gi Was Blacklisted by Former South Korean President

It's believed that the 'Criminal Minds' actor was blacklisted by former conservative President Lee Myung Bak because of his role in movie 'May 18'.

AceShowbiz - Lee Joon Gi was reportedly among people who were blacklisted by a former South Korean president. News recently broke that the government of former conservative President Lee Myung Bak was blacklisting cultural figures who were against his conservative views.

Fans soon speculate that Joon Gi was blacklisted because of his role in movie "May 18". The 2007 film is based on the massacre at Gwangju on May 18, 1980, when General Chun Doo-hwan tried to eliminate any rebels by using military force. Joon Gi played one of the rebels in the regime.

Others suggest that it was because Joon Gi opposed Lee Myung Bak's support of importing beef from the U.S. in 2008. At the time, importing beef from the U.S. was banned because of mad cow disease.

According to KBS, the National Intelligence Service committee's investigative findings reveal that there were some 82 people blacklisted across cultural arts, film, broadcast and music industries. The new task force was set up after the inauguration of liberal President Moon Jae In to investigate allegations that the NIS created such a list of TV celebrities and artists to persecute them for their critical stance toward the previous president's government.

It's also reported that the former administration mobilized the National Intelligence Service to disadvantage those artists in various ways. Other famous celebrities who were reportedly targeted for suppression and were pressured in variety of ways include Kim Gura and Kim Je Dong.

Joon Gi's fans were concerned about him after the news broke. He then assured his fans that he's doing well, posting on Instagram, "JG always OK. Don't worry n Thankyou all ........... When I read All of your consolation, I was so touched by your words."

Actor Kim Gyu Ri who was reportedly also mentioned on the list said, "I can't believe my previous tax money was used to kill me." Other artists claimed they felt "excluded" from TV shows and some commercial activities during Lee's term, and this revelation only confirmed their suspicions.

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