Six Times Obsessive Fans Made K-Pop Idols Suffer

Fans always want to show their love for their idols, but sometimes they take things way too far and cause idols to feel uncomfortable or even get injured.

AceShowbiz - It's a well-known fact that K-pop fans tend to be extremely obsessive. There are a lot of fans who are well-behaved, but many others are often unable to respect the boundary between them and their idols. Although celebrities have told their fans to respect their privacy, incidents always happen. These are the most disturbing incidents caused by obsessive fans.

Bangtan Boys' Jimin Airport Accident

%cBangtan Boys% received a warm welcome from Taiwanese ARMYs during their visit to Taipei back in June 2016, but %cJimin% ended up falling down at the airport because fans kept pushing and shoving each other.

In a video that surfaced online, fans were already waiting for the "Dope" hitmakers even before they arrived. The moment the members appeared, fans became wild and started running toward them in order to get a closer look at the members. None of the members could walk freely as they had to squeeze themselves through the crowd. In the middle of the chaotic situation, Jimin lost his balance and fell down. He appeared to be shocked as he couldn't stand up by himself and had to be helped by the security guards. %cJin% and %cSuga% also almost tripped while trying to exit the airport.

Girls' Generation's Tae Yeon's Attempted Kidnapping

%cTae Yeon% of %cGirls' Generation% had a traumatic accident when she was performing at "Angel Price Music Festival" with her groupmates in 2011. The group was singing "Run Devil Run" when a man suddenly climbed up the stage and took Tae Yeon with him.

%cSunny (II)%, who was right beside Tae Yeon when it happened, didn't hesitate to try stopping the man. She went after the man, but was unable to reach him. The festival's host later managed to stop the man from taking Tae Yeon away. Although the "Fine" songstress must be very shocked, she quickly returned to the stage and continued performing.

Big Bang's Seungri's 3-Vehicle Car Accident

%cBig Bang%'s %cSeungri%'s trip to Shanghai, China in 2013 turned into a nightmare after he was involved in a 3-vehicle car accident. The "Strong Baby" crooner was leaving a building after attending an event when a fan started following him.

Seungri's van was followed by his staff's van, while the fan trailed behind them. The fan was probably desperate to see Seungri, but his/her vehicle ended up hitting the staff's van. As a result, the staff's van hit Seungri's. The singer was not injured, but YG Entertainment later stated that they asked the Chinese police to take care of the fan.

EXO's Kai's Airport Injury

%cKai% of %cEXO% got injured while the group was going to board a plane to Philippines back in January 2013. Their flight was delayed due to visa problems, causing many fans to show up at the airport. As fans were trying to take close-up photos of the members, some of them pushed Kai down. He injured his leg and looked like he was in a serious pain.

Other members immediately helped him stand up, but the pain was too much for him. %cBaekhyun% and %cSehun% later helped him walk. Fans uploaded many photos that showed him nearly crying due to the intense pain. Former member %cTao% took to Weibo to tell fans to give them space because he didn't want to see his friends getting injured.

GOT7's Jackson's Car Accident

%cGOT7% always has a lot of fans stalking them, but some of them went too far and caused a car accident which injured %cJackson%. The "Roommate" alum was heading to the airport before some fans started following his car and drove dangerously. An accident eventually happened as Jackson tried to avoid the fans, causing him to get injured. JYP Entertainment didn't reveal any detail about his injury, but said that he was immediately taken to the hospital.

Although Jackson got injured due to fans' reckless action, they didn't seem to understand how stressing it might be for Jackson to always have people surrounding him. A few months later, he was mobbed by fans at the airport and was unable to walk. He tried to tell his fans to give him space before crouching down in frustration when they didn't listen.

Infinite's Woohyun's Sexual Harassment

%cWoohyun% of %cInfinite% was inappropriately touched by a fan at the airport in 2015. The fan was standing too close to him, but the "Hi! School Love On" actor tried to be patient with her. She didn't seem to realize that he felt uncomfortable around her and kept asking him questions.

Woohyun didn't tell her to stay away from him, but his attitude changed when she felt him touching his butt. "Don't touch my butt," he sternly warned her. The fan only laughed and claimed that she didn't realize she was touching his butt.

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