Twitter Hilariously Reacts to Donald Trump Looking Directly at the Solar Eclipse

Twitter Hilariously Reacts to Donald Trump Looking Directly at the Solar Eclipse

POTUS decided to ditch safety glasses and Twitter trolls didn't miss the chance to take a jab at him by posting witty tweets as well as hilarious memes.
No one can stop President Donald Trump from doing whatever he wants, not even the possibility of damaging his eyes. POTUS scared everyone when he refused to wear eclipse glasses and directly stared at the solar eclipse, but Twitter trolls saw this as another perfect chance to mock him.

In a video shared by @ABCNews, Trump and Melania Trump were standing side by side to witness the rare phenomenon before he suddenly looked up. Someone from the crowd yelled, "Don't look!" at him, but Trump didn't seem to be worried. At one point, he could be seen trying to tell his wife to do the same thing, but she totally ignored him.

Many Twitter users found his action stupid and expressed their opinion in the funniest way possible. "When your President thinks all news is fake so he doesn't listen and stares at a solar eclipse. #SolarEclipse2017," @DisavowTrump16 tweeted.

"I must go now, my home planet needs me," @MrHarryCole wrote alongside a photo of Trump looking at the solar eclipse.

"low-key best part of the photos of Trump looking up at the eclipse is that not even Barron did it," @nataliesurely quipped, while @NumbersMuncher told us the possible conversation that Trump had with his aide.

@NYDailyNews has decided what to put on its next headline.

Meanwhile, @jackiecarbajal hilariously predicted what would happen to POTUS after the solar eclipse.

Although Trump decided to go against the warning, everyone else knew how important it was to protect their eyes. Many celebrities enjoyed the solar eclipse with their glasses on and took to social media to share photos taken during the moment.

Ian Somerhalder wore multiple glasses to protect his precious eyes. "Honey you sure you can see through those?! The only way to watch the solar eclipse brought to you by my husband, inventor of all things practical," wife Nikki Reed wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of him and his many glasses.

Sarah Jessica Parker almost had us thinking that she only pretended to watch the solar eclipse.

Kerry Washington shared on Twitter a heartwarming snap of the whole "Scandal" cast "eclipsing."

However, Sarah Hyland and Kelsea Ballerini were totally unprepared.

Well, it seemed like Sarah and Kelsea should try Paris Hilton's trick to look at the eclipse without risking their eyes.

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