Nicolas Cage's Photo in Kazakhstani Garb Sparks Hilarious Memes on Twitter

The 53-year-old actor has sent Twitter into frenzy with a photo of him posing stoically with Kazakhstan First Lady in traditional robe and hat.

AceShowbiz - Nicolas Cage has caused an uproar on Twitter after a photo of him wearing a traditional ensemble during his visit to Kazakhstan surfaced online. The actor posed for a photo alongside the country's First Lady, Sara Nazarbayeva, on Sunday, July 23 when attending the 13th Annual Eurasia International Festival.

Nicolas sported a shirt and a tie underneath the traditional garments, which featured an ornate fur robe with gold embellishments and a matching fur hat. He looked unimpressed as he put on a stoic expression on his face while posing in the garb, and the Internet nearly lost its mind over it. It soon goes viral as people start to make a number of creative memes inspired by the photo.

A Twitter user jokes that President Donald Trump is arranging negotiation to bring the actor home, as if he is a prisoner. "President Trump Sends Negotiators To Kazakhstan To Seek Release of Nicholas Cage," so the user writes.

Another user appears to be using Photoshop to crop Nicolas into other popular memes like "Sad Ben Affleck". The actor is also edited to be a part of the G-20 Summit, where world leaders gathered around Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Another user jokingly writes that the photo shows Nicolas' dedication to "steal the Declaration of Independence," which is the plot of his movie "National Treasure". Meanwhile, another puts Nicolas alongside Trump family and the Pope in a photo which also went viral a few months ago.

People are having fun with the photo as Nicolas' less-than-thrilled face in the traditional garb can seem to mix well in any image.

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