Louis Tomlinson Shuts Down One Direction Feud Rumors: 'We're All Such Good Mates'

Louis Tomlinson Shuts Down One Direction Feud Rumors: 'We're All Such Good Mates'

The English singer/songwriter has slammed rumors claiming that his group's members are feuding because of their solo careers.
Louis Tomlinson is aware that there have been speculations saying that his One Direction bandmates don't get along with each other. In a recent interview with Noisey, the 25-year-old singer debunked all the rumors, claiming that although the group is on hiatus now, its members are still as close as ever. While the media makes it seem like they are now rivals because of solo careers, Louis claimed that they support each other no matter what.

"We were always five best mates on the road; it was real nice," he said. "And as time went on, we all began to understand each other." He went on explaining that although "there are often misconceptions," he, Harry Styles, Niall Horan, Liam Payne and former bandmate Zayn Malik have managed to remain close.

"If you look at 'The X Factor' final, when I performed my song with Steve [Steve Aoki], all the boys came to support me, and I didn't know until a couple of hours beforehand," he added. "It wasn't one of those stupid f**king celebrity things where it's like, 'let's all get in a picture and put it on Instagram and show everyone we're the best mates'--we didn't even put it online. There are always those little things that people don't hear about."

Louis is currently gearing up for the release of his new single with Bebe Rexha titled "Back to You" on July 21. He recently previewed the lyric video for the upcoming track, which will mark the English heartthrob's second release as a solo artist following Steve Aoki-assisted song "Just Hold On" which was released last year.

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