50 Cent Trashes Jay-Z's '4:44': 'That S**t Was Like Golf Course Music'

The 41-year-old rapper/actor has taken to Instagram to share his review on Jigga's latest release, dubbing the set 'golf course' and 'Ivy League' music.

AceShowbiz - Jay-Z's latest studio effort "4:44" has gone platinum and received critical acclaims from the likes of Snoop Dogg and Kendrick Lamar, but it looks like 50 Cent isn't too impressed by his longtime rival's new album. The 41-year-old rapper has taken to Instagram to share a video which finds him dissing Jigga and "4:44", describing the effort as "golf course music" and "Ivy League s**t."

"I listened to Jay's s**t, that '4:44'," 50 Cent shares in the clip. "I thought the s**t was alright. I liked the s**t, but I'm gonna keep it 100. The s**t was too smart. I felt like I was supposed to be wearing glasses and tie a f**kin' sweater around my waist. It was like Ivy League s**t." He later adds, "That s**t was like golf course music."

The "Candy Shop" spitter carries on, saying that Jay-Z should no longer proclaim himself as the best rapper because there is new generation of hip-hop today. "You can't be the best rapper at 47, because the new n***as is here," he claims. "They comin' with new s**t. That's why I was laughing with Joe Budden [and] the Migos n***as 'cause they up next. You gotta let the young n***as come in. N***a's f**kin' with Future and all that other s**t, leave them n***as alone. What the f**k is the matter with you, man?"

I felt like I needed a pair of loafers 👞 on when I listen to jay shit. LOL🏌🏽golf any one !!!

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50 Cent and Jay-Z have been in a love-hate relationship since 1999. They take jabs at each other mostly through music. However, there were some moments of peace. Back in 2007, 50 Cent invited Jay-Z and P. Diddy to join him on a song called "I Get Money (Forbes 1, 2, 3 Remix)" to celebrate their power ranking on "Hip-Hop Cash Kings" list. Last month, Jay-Z called out 50 Cent on Twitter, mentioning him among other rappers who inspired him throughout his career.

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