Hilarious! Seth Rogen Begs His Mom Sandy to Stop Tweeting About Sex

'Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga.!' so the mother of 'Neighbors' star wrote on the micro-blogging site.

AceShowbiz - %cSeth Rogen% apparently is done with his mom, Sandy Rogen, who talks about sex on social media. Earlier today the "Preacher" producer took to his Twitter account to beg his mom to stop sharing tweets about sex on the micro-blogging site.

"Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga.!" the Rogen family matriarch shared her observation to her nearly 40,000 followers. "The Interview" actor later responded, "Jesus f**king Christ mom."

Seth's big sister Danya Rogen joined the hilarious conversation by replying to Seth's tweet, "Seriously. I actually gagged." She concluded her tweet with a sick-face emoji.

This is hardly the first time the actor is embarrassed by his parent's social media presence. Back in January, the "Superbad" actor mocked her mom's tweet during her trip to Paris with her husband. "My husband needs peanut butter in Paris! Crazy life !" she wrote, to which Seth replied, "For a billion dollars, I couldn't tell you what this means." Her mom, however, gave him a pretty great burn by replying, "if you would answer your phone you would know."

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