P. Diddy Accused of Arranging Tupac Shakur's Murder in New Documentary

Although the rapper had repeatedly denied his involvement in Shakur's death, a former LAPD investigator dug out a confession from a gang member.

AceShowbiz - A new story surfaced that %cP. Diddy% was the one behind %cTupac Shakur%'s death. A former Los Angeles cop claimed in a new documentary that he cracked the mystery of Shakur's death by finding out that Diddy was the mastermind of the decades-old murder.

The former LAPD detective Greg Kading said Crisps member Duane Keith Davis was offered $1 million by Diddy to kill Shakur and his manager %cSuge Knight%. Davis' nephew Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson was the one eventually executing the shooting which fatally wounded Shakur but only injured Knight.

The murder which occurred on a Las Vegas street in September 1996 remained an unsolved case. Six months later, Diddy's close pal %cNotorious B.I.G.% was also killed in a shooting. Kading, who led the task force that investigated the shooting, thought B.I.G.'s murder was a retaliation orchestrated by Knight.

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Kading allegedly wrangled a confession from Davis who was afraid of being charged for a different crime. "If [Davis'] intention was to just get away with it, so to speak, it would have been very easy for him to not include all the details that he did," Kading told the Huffington Post.

In 2011, Kading wrote a book titled "Murder Rap" which was made as the basis of the documentary. Meanwhile, Diddy, known as Sean Combs at that time, had denied his involvement in the past and said, "The story is pure fiction and completely ridiculous."

The documentary, which will air on Netflix, was not the first to mention Diddy as the murderer. Back in 2008, L.A. Times also published a story of how Diddy's boys shot Shakur five times in NYC outside a recording studio. The incident did not kill Shakur. The newspaper later retracted the story and wrote, "The Times has since concluded that the FBI reports were fabricated and that some of the other sources relied on - including ...a 'confidential source' cited in the FBI reports do not support major elements of the story."

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