Report: Charlie Hunnam Left 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Due to Script Issues

Charlie Hunnam

A new report says the 'Pacific Rim' star, before his exit, clashed with the movie's producers over some proposed script revisions.
Creative differences may have contributed to Charlie Hunnam's departure from "Fifty Shades of Grey". The Hollywood Reporter says in its newest issue that he was embroiled in conflict with Universal over the film's script before he decided to depart the project.

The "Sons of Anarchy" star reportedly submitted some detailed notes about the script he initially received. His inputs were allegedly received well by the studio, but when the "Pacific Rim" actor tried to get further approval, the studio declined.

Patrick Marber, who was recently tapped to do some rewrites on the script, was reportedly hired by the studio in an effort to appease Hunnam following their dispute.

Hunnam was supposed to play the kinky billionaire Christian Grey opposite Dakota Johnson in the upcoming movie adaptation of E.L. James' erotic book. THR claimed the 33-year-old actor was to receive only $125,000 for taking on the lead role.

When he was announced leaving the film early this week, the studio said it was a mutual decision made due to his scheduling conflicts. But rumor suggested he was overwhelmed by the attention he got from the movie. Some even claimed he didn't want to be typecast in the role.

He's reportedly not the only one who felt the pressure. His co-star Johnson who will play the female lead Anastasia Steele was also "having a very hard time dealing with all the press," a source told E! News. "When she first got the role, it was way too much for her."

Their casting was met with backlash earlier this year. Some fans even posted an online petition to have them thrown out. They wanted Matthew Bomer and Ian Somerhalder to play Christian, and preferred Alexis Bledel to be his love interest.

As a new search for the male lead begins, Alexander Skarsgard and Jamie Dornan are rumored as contenders for the replacements. Theo James and Christian Cooke, who initially lost the part to Hunnam, are also among the list of the possible candidates.

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