Robin Thicke Says 'Blurred Lines' Video Was Inspired by Benny Hill

Robin Thicke Says 'Blurred Lines' Video Was Inspired by Benny Hill

The R'n'B crooner defends his controversial music video, saying it was meant to be silly rather than sexy.
Canadian R'n'B artist Robin Thicke has already spoken in the recent past about his infamous "Blurred Lines" music video, the one with nude models strutting around with him and his two collaborators, Pharrell Williams and T.I. Now in a new interview, the 36-year-old singer defends his notorious music video against criticisms that it objectifies women.

"It doesn't even look dangerous. We're the ones who look the fools [in the video]. And the women, they're not gyrating or shaking their butts or even doing any sexy dancing. It's as silly as can possibly be," says Thicke. In previous promotional interview on U.K. radio station Kiss FM, Thicke revealed that he actually wanted a humorous, Benny Hill-type of visuals for the bouncy track, but as it turned out, the final official video as people know it today, from the mind of director Diane Martel, was also quite "fun."

The video was not without its supporters. Thicke earlier showed the explicit version to his wife, actress Paula Patton, and her gal pals and they all found it funny. "They were like, 'This is the sexiest s***! We love this!' They were all laughing and saying, 'You have got to put this out. You have to!' " recounts the "Lost Without You" singer.

Thicke confesses that he had reservations about releasing the racy video, which had in fact a more appropriate-for- general-viewing cut that had already been shown prior to the explicit version. "I still have the email I sent to my agent saying I don't think I should do it," says Thicke, but perhaps the chart-topping performance of his track pushed his worries aside.

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