Report: Paris Jackson Fighting With Brother Prince Before Suicide Attempt

Prince Jackson, Paris Jackson

Rumor has it, Paris' relationship with her older brother gets strained after she reconciles with their mother Debbie Rowe.
Days leading to her suicide attempt, Paris Jackson, 15, reportedly had a huge fight with her brother Prince Jackson, 16. The siblings used to be close with each other, especially after their father Michael Jackson died in 2009, but they allegedly grew apart after she reconnected with their mother Debbie Rowe who gave them up in a multi-million-dollar divorce settlement with MJ years ago.

"[Paris and Prince] were always so insanely close until Debbie came back in the picture, and Paris wanted to get close with her," an insider tells Us Weekly. "Paris wanted her mom in her life, but Paris was younger and Prince remembers all of the awful things Michael told them about Debbie. Prince feels Paris is betraying their father by getting close to Debbie."

"Paris made her own decision to get to know her mom and found she really liked her. She loves the stories Debbie has told her about her dad," the insider continued, adding that Prince "has these massive fights with her and calls Paris a backstabber for getting to know 'that woman'." "It really hurts Paris as they used to be close," the source claimed.

Paris was first spotted spending time with Debbie, 54, on her 15th birthday. The mother & daughter duo was spotted hanging out at a pony ranch, enjoying sushi and attending a local beauty pageant in Debbie's hometown of Temecula, California. There was even a rumor that the teen considered to move in with her biological mom to "have a more normal life."

Paris was taken to hospital Wednesday, June 5 after slitting her wrist with a kitchen knife and taking as many as 20 ibuprofen pills. Rumor has it, the depressed teenager called a suicide helpline before trying to end her own life. In a statement, the Jackson family said the teen was "safe and doing fine" and getting "appropriate medical attention."

She was surrounded by her family including brother Prince who canceled his scheduled appearance on German talk show "Wetten, Dass...?" "In light of the situation, Prince Michael will not be taking part in the show," a ZDF spokesman said. Their mother Debbie reportedly told police that her daughter had "a lot going on lately."

Initial report suggested Paris was upset for not being allowed to go to a Marilyn Manson concert, which prompted the rocker to send an invitation to the youngster. "I hope you feel better. You will be on my guest list anytime you want," he said. However, a family friend scoffed at the rumor insisting that her depression was more than that.

In the past few days, Paris frequently defended her reconciliation with her mother. "So glad I bonded with my mother. It's like we have this really strong relationship and did I mention, I kind of look like her. It was so amazing to see my mother after all these years. Love her," she tweeted. "I know that she wouldn't use me cuz I'm her daughter."

Her message then grew increasingly sadder. "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away, now it looks as though they're here to stay," she once quoted The Beatles' sad song, before adding, "I wonder why tears are salty." She also hinted at heartache over a failed relationship, "Here's to teenage romances and never knowing why they hurt like hell."

The signs of trouble continued on June 1 when she tweeted, "Every time i try to distract myself it never works and i end up making the same mistake i make every single night." She added, "I hate studying alone. i can't i just tried studying and now I'm on twitter. Don't listen to a word i say the screams all sound the same."

While Paris was struggling with depression, her family was busy battling a legal feud with AEG Live in a Michael Jackson multimillion dollar wrongful death trial. The case would likely revisit the late King of Pop's child molestation case where he was acquitted of all charges, not to mention the new sex abuse claim launched by Wade Robson.

A lot of celebrities sent their support and sympathy for Paris and her family. Demi Lovato who battled suicidal thoughts at the early age of 7 recently tweeted, "Dear Paris Jackson, don't let bullies to let you down. We believe in you!! Stay strong, Please ... You're beautiful and we love you. #Praying."

Keri Hilson wrote, "Life will turn around. God, please give this young girl the peace in her heart until that time... #ParisJackson." Alyssa Milano chimed in, "@ParisJackson Sending you support and love." Jordin Sparks added, "@ParisJackson praying for you mama." Russell Simmons posted, "Very sad to hear about paris jackson, keep her in your prayers..."

Damon Wayans tweeted, "@parisjackson your dad wrote a song called We r Here 2 Change the World. He meant U2! Be well dear heart n b strong."

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