Matthew Broderick's Ferris Bueller-Inspired Super Bowl Ad for Honda Comes Out

Matthew Broderick's Ferris Bueller-Inspired Super Bowl Ad for Honda Comes Out

In the full two-and-a-half minute version of the commercial, the 'Ferris Bueller's Day Off' star is faking an illness to be able to cruise around town in his Honda CR-V.
Matthew Broderick is paying homage to his classic movie, "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", in a new Super Bowl spot for Honda. While he's not exactly reprising his Ferris Bueller role, the actor husband of Sarah Jessica Parker finds himself in similar situations his character had more than 25 years ago.

In the commercial, the 49-year-old fakes an illness to have a day off. "One of the worst performances of my life, and he never doubted it for a second," he tells the camera before taking a ride around town in his Honda CR-V. He then enjoys a trip to the museum, takes part in a parade and does other activities that are ripped from the 1986 John Hughes comedy.

The full two-and-a-half minute ad was released on Monday, January 30. Jason Sperling, the executive vice president at RPA, which created the spot, revealed that Broderick initially refused to do the commercial. "At first, he passed," Sperling said. "But then a week later he called and asked if it was still on the table. I think he just wanted to be convinced that we would do the movie justice."

On why the ad was debuted ahead of the Sunday, February 5 game, Sperling explained, "We wanted to get it out there and start the hype. You actually get a lot more eyeballs this way. You get a more attentive audience." He added, "We have this Internet culture now, and people are starting to realize the value of it."

While Broderick headlines the Honda ad solo, Jerry Seinfeld teams up with Jay Leno to advertise Acura NSX. In the Super Bowl ad dubbed "Transactions", Seinfeld pulls all the stops to persuade the person who is first in line to take home the car's very first model to step aside. When it seems like he finally had it in the bag, Leno comes in with a better offer.

Official 2012 Honda CR-V Game Day Commercial:

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