Exclusive Interview: Jupiter Rising on New LP and Possibility of Exploring Another Genre

Exclusive Interview: Jupiter Rising on New LP and Possibility of Exploring Another Genre

Beside describing 'The Quite Hype' sounds, Spencer Nezey and Jessie Payo also reveal their desire to collaborate with The Neptunes, Pharrell Williams, Prince and many other big musicians.
Experiencing success with hit singles "Go!" and "Electropop", both off second studio LP "Electropop", Jupiter Rising are back with another album "The Quiet Hype". They plan to drop it on March 17 across U.S. and will be releasing "Falling Away" as the album's first single via digital retail on Tuesday, February 10. In the meantime, music video for the song has been released earlier in January and it was directed by Andrew Gura, who helms Snoop Dogg, Wyclef Jean, Kelly Rowland and Nas' music videos.

In an exclusive interview with AceShowbiz, Spencer Nezey and Jessie Payo open up about what their new music will sound. They also share on what their favorite songs in "The Quiet Hype" are, next single after "Falling Away", the possibility to branch out into another genre as well as plan on nationwide tour.

ASB: How did Spencer Nezey get into beatboxing?

Spencer: I got into Beat boxing when I was about 17 years old when I first heard The Roots and Rahzel.

ASB: When did you guys meet for the first time and what made you 'click'?

Spencer: Jess and I meet through some mutual friends and we clicked right away because we are both really goofy people and enjoy other goofy peoples energy.

Jessie: We were always a part of the same group of friends. He was friends with my bass player at the time and Spence and a bunch of the guys came out to see my band perform. We all hung out that summer of 2006. Soon after that I became the back-up singer of Jupiter Rising that already had a different lead singer. Over time she decided to part from the band and I stepped in to take her place. We are both lovers of all kinds of music and we are both interested in fusing all types of influences in order to make new and exciting music.

ASB: As two people having different music backgrounds, how did you achieve a level of consistency and innovation?

Spencer: Well Jess and I are both fans of music. And were both very open to experimenting with sound. So it makes it very easy for us to work because we are so open to new music.

Jessie: It really comes naturally. I think we compliment each other with our different approaches. I come from the old school of blues, jazz, R&B and classic rock. Spence brings the hip-hop, electronic, and pop influence. So we fill in the blanks between the two of us.

ASB: As songwriters, what usually inspires you to pen songs?

Spencer: Almost anything can inspire me to write. From a word I over heard to a piece of clothing!

Jessie: There's really no one specific thing that inspires me. I write songs to express an emotion or a current experience. Sometimes I just want to write a song that is going to be fun to perform. A sound may trigger that as well. Like a loud distorted guitar or a deep, pounding bass drum. Whatever feeling that provokes, a song will follow ...

ASB: What can fans expect from your new album "The Quiet Hype", compared to the previous one "Electropop"?

Spencer: "The Quiet Hype" is a much more consistent sound than "Electropop", and a whole lot more cutting edge!

Jessie: This album is more current and truly projects what Jupiter Rising is. This is the first album that Spence and I wrote together. In comparison to "Electropop" the album, I think that "The Quiet Hype" is current and relates all types of audiences.

ASB: Out of eleven songs in there, which one is your particular favorite? And why?

Spencer: "Follow Me" is my favorite song. Because it (is) the closest to how I live my life.

Jessie: My favorite song is "Over Again". I think it perfectly depicts the kind of relationship that ends and starts again only to be discovered as doomed. I think a lot of us have been there and I think a lot of girls will relate to the situation. I've seen it lived out through friends and my own personal experience. Beside that, I also love the driving guitars and rock influence that I always wanted to express in my music. You know, I just wanna rock (laughing).

ASB: After "Falling Away", what will be the next single?

Spencer: Without a question next single is "L.A. GIRLS"!!!!!

Jessie: I'm guessing it will be "L.A. Girls" due to the response it had after being played on "The Hills".

ASB: Any plan to branch out into another genre outside dance/eletronic music?

Spencer: Of course there will always be an influence but I am always try stay innovative and branch into other things.

Jessie: Of course I would like to branch out. I would like to make a rock/alternative album.

ASB: When will you go on national tour in support of your new album in addition to your current radio promos?

Spencer: We are hoping to tour after the promo tour ASAP!!!!!

Jessie: We are in the works of that as the promo tour continues. Nothing is set in stone as of yet. Hopefully soon!! I need to start my crowd surfing skills.

ASB: If you are to name musicians that you both want to collaborate with, who will be on top of your wish list?

Spencer: The Neptunes, Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo are musical geniuses!!

Jessie: Prince Prince Prince!!!!, Mark Ronson, Jon Brion, Thom Yorke, Dave Grohl.

ASB: What do you usually do in your spare time when not doing music?

Spencer: To be honest I never stop working on music. So in my spare time I'm working with my production partner Greg Ogan. Working on SG1-Beats!!!

Jessie: I love Yoga, ballet, and stenciling. Sometimes, I film and edit crazy videos with my brother and friends. Other than that I sit around and laugh a babies, animals on YouTube.

ASB: Please share some wise words to your fans at AceShowbiz and why they should buy your album.

Spencer: Don't ever let anyone tell you you can't!!! Can't is word that does not exists in my vocab. And you should by the album because you CAN'T pass on great music!!!!!

Jessie: The album touches on all bases of feeling and emotion. Get it if you're a person just down to have a good time. Get it if you had your heart broken. Get it if you're on a mission and you need some inspiration. Get it if you wanna work outta there's tons of songs bound to get your blood and sweat pumping. Get it to bring some light into this time in our lives where we're faced with more challenges everyday. Just listen...

Look forward to Jupiter Rising being AceShowbiz.com's Artist of the Week on Monday, March 16.

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