Artist of the Week: Amy Macdonald

Artist of the Week: Amy Macdonald

Successfully earning praises in many European countries, Amy Macdonald is looking forward to do the same in America with her debut 'This is the Life'.
From an ordinary girl with no genes in music talent, Amy Macdonald worked things up to become one of the most successful female singers in her hometown of Scotland. She has also conquered several other European territories, including U.K. that bowed down to her debut album, "This is the Life". In January this year, the album knocked over Radiohead's "In Rainbows" and has sold over 600,000 copies ever since.

She has been signed to Vertigo, toured relentlessly, performed on the same stage with prominent female artists such as Amy Winehouse and Duffy and met the idols that inspired her to jump on the industry at the first place. A self-proclaimed Travis fanatic, she draws inspiration from simplicity. "I find inspiration in the simplest things," she told "Being at home with my friends and family and doing normal everyday activities usually inspires me to write." And that can come just from anywhere, even while sitting in a bedroom staring at a poster on the wall.

The aspiring singer started writing her own material in her early teens, after seeing how smitten her sister was to "Trainspotting" star Ewan McGregor. Ever since, she has taken credit of many songwriting which could come from the shape of Pete Doherty and Red Hot Chili Peppers. The last one she points out as the object of inspiration is label mate The Killers. On her MySpace post, she uttered her compassion in doing a collaboration with the rock band. "My absolute dream in life would be to do something with The Killers," she wrote. "They are one of my favourite bands. I think out of a lot of bands and artists around nowadays very few will still be around in 20 years time. The Killers will definitely be one of them."

She may be too. At the age of 21-year-old, she has no plan to stop. "I love music and I'll continue making music for as long as I live," she said. "I have other aspirations which I'd like to explore but right now I'm loving being on tour and performing." Even when the reason is her engagement to footballer Steve Lovell. "Absolutely none what so ever," she gushed when asked about the possibility of being distracted from music. "I have never been happier and Steve is the most important person in my life."

All Amy wishes to do now is to conquer the American market with her songs. "This is the Life" will be released to the American stores tomorrow, August 19. Still, Amy would like to emphasize on her presence as a musician. "I have no idea how the American public will respond to my music," she said. "I would absolutely love for things to go well over here but if it doesn't I've already had great success back home and in Europe that I won't be too disappointed." Talking about the girl who is "happy to sit in the background".

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