Exclusive Interview: Getting to Know Amy Macdonald

Exclusive Interview: Getting to Know Amy Macdonald

Scottish singer Amy Macdonald shares her side of story on the newly-found fame, her engagement at the age of 20 and why she treasures Travis so much.
From a Travis CD to a her own record, Amy Macdonald shows how thin the line between courage and fame. It all started with constant listening to Travis and Pete Doherty plus relaxing music sessions with her friends before she made it big in her native country, Scotland. The 20-year-old now has a debut album that went double platinum in U.K. and is on the verge of breaking the U.S. market with the same effort. "This is the Life" will be released on August 19 in the States with "Mr. Rock and Roll" as the lead single.

Such an incredible persona is explored deeper through an exclusive interview with AceShowbiz.com in which she spills out her inspiration, her finding a place in the crowd and her engagement to footballer Steve Lovell.

ASB: You've been hailed as the next big thing in music industry. What brought you to the scene at the first place?

Amy: I've actually never been described as the next big thing. I hate it when artists are hyped up and you know everything about them before you have even heard them sing. In my case it has always been about the music. My success has been a slow build. I was inspired to start playing guitar and writing by Scottish band Travis. So i think it's pretty much down to them that I'm in the position i am now.

ASB: Being Scottish, are you rooting to your home country for you musical inspiration?

Amy: I don't consciously look to home for inspiration but there's no denying that i live in a very beautiful and amazing country so I'm sure it has inspired me some ways.

ASB: You pen most of your songs by yourself, what factors can set you in the mood of writing?

Amy: I need to be inspired. I find inspiration in the simplest things. Being at home with my friends and family and doing normal everyday activities usually inspires me to write.

ASB: Which musicians inspire you most and who will you list for a collaboration in the future?

Amy: I have many inspirations. Like i said before Scottish band Travis got me started in music and now i love bands like The Killers, Kings of Leon, Beach Boys and artists like Bruce Springsteen and Paul Weller. I'd love to work with either of them.

ASB: With so many budding music acts around your age sprouting, how do you try to find a place in the crowd?

Amy: I'm happy to sit in the background. I have no desire for fame or celebrity, i have never been hyped up. For me it is all about the music and so far so good.

ASB: Your debut album "This Is the Life" opened at #1 on U.K. Albums chart last year. How do you think you will be doing on the American market?

Amy: I have no idea how the American public will respond to my music. I would absolutely love for things to go well over here but if i doesn't I've already had great success back home and in Europe that i won't be too disappointed.

ASB: You have announced an engagement to footballer boyfriend Steve Lovell. At the age of 21 and the peak of your career, don't you have fears of being attached and distracted?

Amy: Absolutely none what so ever. I have never been happier and Steve is the most important person in my life.

ASB: Do you have other interests beside music?

Amy: Right now it's hard to find time to do things as I'm constantly traveling but i have lots of interests, i love simple things like going to the cinema or out to the pub with friends.

ASB: Have you started writing new material again?

Amy: I have no time right now and find it very hard to find inspiration as i usually only see hotel rooms and airports. After a while they all look the same. I am in no rush to write a new album as things are still very busy for me right now.

ASB: How do you see yourself as a musician in the next 10 years? Do you plan to make music in a long term?

Amy: I love music and I'll continue making music for as long as i live. I have other aspirations which I'd like to explore but right now I'm loving being on tour and performing.

ASB: If there's one thing you think you haven't accomplished, what would it be?

Amy: To conquer America

ASB: Do you have personal message you would like to send out to our readers?

Amy: Buy my album! Pleeeeeeeeaaassse

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