Mike Jones Biography

Mike Jones is a rap artist born in Houston on January 6, 1981. Since he was just a kid, he always looked at the future, figuring out what he should become in the next 20 or 30 years. First, he thought he wanted to be a basketball player but scrapped the idea soon after realizing that running his own business was more promising than any other jobs.

In 2001, Mike formed his own independent record label, Ice Age Entertainment and began rapping. He independently promoted his music on the streets and showed them to DJs at strip clubs. Finally starting from nobody whom people always asked "Who? Mike Jones?", he gathered public attention through his self-promoted music.

Mike was then signed to SwishaHouse, which also became the house for Slim Thug and Paul Wall. Over the years, he wasn't recording in the studio or performing on stage. Instead, he was embarking on a partnership with ProConcept Marketing Group to release his own line of Cognac called "House of Dobbe". He was also actively involved in charity programs, Ice Age for Kids and the American Dream Foundation, through which he hosted community youth events and donated thousands of dollars to help Hurricane Katrina victims.

In 2005, Mike released his first studio album titled "Who Is Mike Jones?" The record was a big success as it peaked at number 3 on Billboard Hot 200 and was certified platinum with more than 1,000,000 selling points. Hit singles lifted from the effort included "Still Tippin'" and "Back Then".

Mike follows up his debut album with another effort, this time called "The Voice". He drops it across America on April 28. Hurricane Chris, Lil Wayne, Twista, T-Pain, Trey Songz and Devin the Dude are all lined up to make guest appearances at the record. Beside busy making music for his own album, Mike also makes a cameo in several hit TV series, such as "Punk'd", "Prison Break" and "The Game".