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00004539 - The Climb (OST by Miley Cyrus)

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Tags : Hannah Montana: The Movie
Type : Music Video
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Hannah Montana: The Movie Poster
Hannah Montana: The Movie

Release Date :

April 10, 2009

Studio :

Walt Disney Pictures

Director :

Peter Chelsom

Starring :

Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, Moises Arias, Mitchel Musso

Walt Disney Pictures takes the Disney Channel phenom to the big screen in a feature film extravaganza. Miley Stewart (Miley Cyrus) struggles to juggle school, friends and her secret pop-star persona; when Hannah Montana's soaring popularity threatens to take over her life-she just might let it. So her father (Billy Ray Cyrus) takes the teen home to Crowley Corners, Tenn., for a dose of reality, kicking off an adventure filled with the kind of fun, laughter and romance even Hannah Montana couldn't imagine.


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how do you download this???

posted by mcdlove on Oct 26, 2009

ta nuta jest kosiorska:D a clip jeszcze lepszy!!!:D pozdro dla sluchaczy!!!!!!

posted by HM! on Oct 05, 2009

i can't find my words... it's amazing...

posted by babygirl on Sep 03, 2009

also y'all are awesome and you rock!

posted by miley cyrus on Aug 12, 2009

hey y'all im glad to see that y'all like the song the climb hopefully you can buy the cd and the movie when it comes out.peace out and rock on! -Miley Cyrus

posted by miley cyrus on Aug 12, 2009

itz an xelent song..i luv ds song

posted by ana on Jul 24, 2009

i live this song my favorite song by miley cyrus

posted by vampirehorsel on May 23, 2009

i have a crush on miley

posted by Joshua bhati on Apr 30, 2009


posted by the climb on Apr 29, 2009

Miley z so coool I love all her songs....:-)

posted by seychelles on Apr 08, 2009

i love Miley soooooo much

posted by ... on Mar 31, 2009

I love Miley. What MileyFan said was totally right. People shouldn't be rude to her and her fans. Miley's amazing! This vid rox! Fan for life.

posted by MilHannahFan1 on Mar 25, 2009

LOL! I meant the music they listen too. But I totally can't wait till thew movie! And the video really expresses who she is, what she stands for, and who she intends on being. I always was made fun of for liking her, but why not like her? This video is FABULOUS! ~ =)

posted by MileyFan on Mar 01, 2009

this video is so far the BEST new video she's done! I really like this song, and the rope swing and horses part! :D Defiantly *****!!! ~ And why are people so rude to her and the people that like her? I mean the kinds of things that the people that are saying that are WAY worse! And i mean, why did they sue her because she made a funny face by pulled her eyes out saying "I'm asian" and calling it racest? I'm sure EVERYONE has done that before!!! Or is it just a rumor? Well either way, it's stupid! But the video is AWESOME!

posted by MileyFan on Mar 01, 2009

I want see this film because she is my favourite star...:DDD

posted by Maria Stella Sonia on Feb 25, 2009

ok will everybody please stop criticizen miley i mean come on she apoigized and i think she is a really good person who just made a few mistakes but WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES

posted by xplosionhanna4@aol.c on Feb 24, 2009

OMG i asolutly looooovvvvveeeee this video its AWESOME

posted by xplosionhanna4@aol.c on Feb 24, 2009

i dont like miley too much as a person but i love her music

posted by theONLYmrsJOEjonas on Feb 24, 2009

Where I can download this video? Love it! :)

posted by <3 on Feb 20, 2009

LOVE SO MUCH THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted by Christinia5 on Feb 19, 2009

ok - I'm a Miley fan again... Great video - really cute costar for her, can't wait to see the movie!!

posted by ugakc on Feb 17, 2009

This video made people think about this movie

posted by Karstarz on Feb 17, 2009

Miley has done alot of mistacks in her life but this song spoke up to me.we all made mistacks and I think this music video was her way of saying she made lot of mistacks and she is sorry.

posted by girl that speeks th on Feb 13, 2009

OMG Hope people stop criticisng her she apoligised but people still hate her but LOVELY SONG

posted by TeenMania1- Find Me on Feb 13, 2009

I had tears in my eyes, this song really speaks to me, Miley has a beautiful voice and is a beautiful person, I cannot wait for the movie!

posted by Hez on Feb 13, 2009

Love It

posted by Delsy on Feb 13, 2009

Miley sounds and looks beautiful! Great song and video. I can't wait to see the movie...

posted by GailB on Feb 12, 2009

I think this is one of the best songs for Miley. I haved liked many of them. I cant wait to see this movie. Miley and her dad Billy Ray will make a wonderful combination for this movie. hope the song and video do make it to #1 as that is where it belongs.

posted by llbrcfan on Feb 12, 2009

This song is beautiful and the video is awesome. I love Miley's voice and she has her Dad's charisma. The Hannah Montana movie looks like it will be great. I can hardly wait to see it. Billy Ray has always been my favorite country artist and it will be great to see Miley and Billy Ray up on the big screen. This song and video should reach #1 for sure. Love it!

posted by charmak on Feb 12, 2009