Without a Trace

Episode 7.16 : Skeletons

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

February 17, 2009





Show Period

2002 - 2009

Production Company

Jerry Bruckheimer TV, CBS, WBTV, Jumbolaya Prod.

Cast and Crew


Diego Gutierrez, Bruce Rasmussen


Diego Gutierrez, Gwendolyn M. Parker

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Shelby Fenner
  • Bill Heck
  • Matt Levin
  • Hal Ozsan
  • Nick Von Esmarch
  • Alexandra Barreto
  • Susane E. Lee
  • Cindy Drummond
  • John L. Curtis
  • Justin Alston


Kara Westfield (25) and husband Jonah (late 20's) show off their newborn son, Hayden at the self-defense studio where Kara works. As her co-workers surprise her with gifts and cupcakes, JONAH heads out. KARA grows anxious as her baby is passed from one smiling co-worker to another. Suddenly, the building's FIRE ALARMS goes off. Everyone rushes for the door, but Lara lags behind with her baby... and they Vanish. No fire and a fire door busted from the outside lead our agents to believe that the alarm was a ruse, part of a plan to kidnap mother and child. Did Kara become a target because she'd insterted herself into the murder investigation of a friend from the studio? Or, is Jonah not the kind man he appears to be, and did she orchestrate her own disappearance to escape from him? The latter theory is supported and further suspicion is cast on Jonah when he sells Kara's car for cash. As our agents press Jonah, perhaps another Scott Peterson, baby Jake turns up at a hospital. Jonah admits that he staged Kara's disappearance to protect her from a dangerous criminal associate who's reappeared in his life. But that plan has now clearly gone awry as Kara's disappearance has conjured up demonds from her own history. As time runs short, we race to save Kara from a violent force that her flight has unwittingly unleashed

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