Without a Trace

Episode 7.13 : Once Lost

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Episode Premiere

January 27, 2009





Show Period

2002 - 2009

Production Company

Jerry Bruckheimer TV, CBS, WBTV, Jumbolaya Prod.

Cast and Crew


Martha Mitchell


Roselyn Sanchez, Diego Gutierrez

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Jack Maxwell
  • Scott MacDonald
  • Darren Keefe


In the lounge of an upscale hotel, Bianca (32), a street savvy undercover cop, works a sting with Homeland Security Agent Paul to catch cyber-thieves selling stolen identities. She's agitated, the sellers are late, but their contact Ernie finally brings them in and they get down to business. When Bianca claims she's ill and tries to leave, the deal goes south. Weapons are drawn, bullets fly and Paul is wounded. The waiting cops backing them up bust in late and amid the ensuing chaos...Bianca flees and vanishes.

Elena reveals a very personal connection to the case. When she was a cop Bianca was her partner. While it first looks like Ernie double crossed Bianca and killed her, Fed Paul casts doubt on Bianca's integrity. With the buy money missing, could Bianca have taken it and gone on the run? Elena staunchly defends her former partner and friend. But a recent argument between Bianca and a Teenaged Boy leads our agents to one of Bianca's old cases - a case Bianca and Elena worked together. Elena reveals a dark secret she's long kept, that Bianca's overzealous efforts to put a criminal behind bars cost an innocent woman her life. Could Bianca's attempts to make amends have put her in harm's way? Or has her need to erase this transgression pushed her to make more bad choices? As past and present converge, Elena must deal with the repercussions of her own past actions as she rushes to save her friend.

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