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Episode 7.09 : WUPHF.com

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Episode Premiere

November 18, 2010




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2005 - 2013

Production Company

Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal

Cast and Crew


Danny Leiner


Aaron Shure

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Ryan is launching his new social networking company, WUPHF.com, and teaming up with Michael to get more investors. Pam has already invested, thinking this could be the big idea that helps her buy a new bedroom set.

Jim is on a selling streak at work and credits it all to his new life as a father. When he checks on the commission of his latest sale, he's shocked that Corporate has put a cap on how much employees can earn. Gabe doesn't see where there's a problem, and says Jim should respect the policy.

Ryan tries to convince his co-workers to invest in his company. He tells them that he has potential buyers already, but he's holding out for $1 million. Meanwhile, Oscar questions how Ryan's business can survive without making a profit, especially when Ryan only has enough money for WUPHF.com to survive for nine days.

In order to make more money, Dwight turns his building's parking lot into a hayride for little kids. Charging money, the kids can play in hay and go for rides in the back of warehouse trucks. The place brings back memories for Dwight. Meanwhile, Dwight is so busy with his new business, he forgets about his sex date with Angela.

Pam tries to convince Michael to back out of WUPHF.com simply because Ryan doesn't know what he's doing. Michael says he wouldn't do that to his best friend. Pam points out that Ryan is taking advantage of Michael's generosity. When Michael confronts Ryan about the company, it's clear that Ryan is only concerned about his money and not friendship.

Dwight lets his obsession with the hay place get the best of him and he crowns himself "Hay King." While this is happening, Angela strikes up a conversation with a good-looking single dad. After their talk, Angela decides to make her sex contract with Dwight null and void.

All the WUPHF.com investors ambush Ryan in the break room and demand their money back. When it comes time for Michael to speak up, he says he's not selling his shares. Michael tells Ryan that he believes in him, and he has nine days to earn everybody's money back.

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