The Office

Episode 7.05 : The Sting

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Episode Premiere

October 21, 2010




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2005 - 2013

Production Company

Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal

Cast and Crew


Randall Einhorn


Mindy Kaling

Main Cast

Additional Cast


Jim and Dwight have a big sales meeting with a client, Steve Nash. But their confidence is shaken when they see a top salesman from another company, Danny Corday waiting in the lobby. Jim is not a fan of Danny because Pam went out with him before she and Jim started dating.

Michael hijacks Dwight and Jim's sales pitch, only to be told the client is going with Danny. Michael is angry that they lost their sale and now wants to find out how they can beat Danny at his own game. They decide to go undercover. Using Meredith as their potential client, Dwight sets up a hidden camera so they can watch Danny's sales pitch.

Michael, Jim and Dwight find Danny's sales advantage when he starts flirting with Meredith and she likes it. Michael has no choice but to try to intervene before Meredith takes things further, by telling Danny the truth about the sting.

Andy and Darryl team up to start a band, along with Kevin. During their recording session, they begin to see some creative differences. After they record their single, Andy enlists the help of the office to give him honest feedback, but the reviews are negative.

When Danny finds out what Michael and the rest of the office did, he calls them crazy. Danny tries to defend his actions and tells Michael that he can't be blamed for being a good salesperson. Michael agrees and offers Danny a job and after a lot of persuasion, Danny joins Dunder Mifflin as their new traveling salesman.

Darryl, Andy and Kevin continue working on the perfect song for their band. Darryl starts singing a song about work routine and Andy is blown away.

The rest of the office fear Danny is going to take away all their clients, but Michael points out that he already was doing just that, so might has well hire him. Danny tells Jim about the two dates he went on with Pam four years ago, but says she never returned his calls. Meanwhile, Michael has forgotten that hiring Danny as a traveling salesman creates more competition for Todd Packer.

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