The Office

Episode 7.01 : Nepotism

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Episode Premiere

September 23, 2010




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2005 - 2013

Production Company

Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal

Cast and Crew


Jeffrey Blitz


Daniel Chun

Main Cast

Additional Cast


Everybody is recapping their summer breaks for the camera. Michael talks about his West Nile virus, and Gabe's now dating Erin. Andy assures the camera he's not jealous of the new office relationship.

Dwight enjoys talking about his latest business adventure as owner of Dunder Mifflin's building. Meanwhile, Kelly spent her summer at the Minority Executive Training Program at Yale University. That means she's really smart.

The employees are having a hard time with Michael's latest assistant, Luke. He ruins coffee orders and doesn't follow specific instructions when it comes to helping out the staff. Michael later admits privately that he hired Luke because he was his nephew.

In order to defend his assistant, Michael calls a staff meeting. He defends Luke's work performance and is forced to admit that he is Luke's uncle. The staff jumps down Michael's throat for hiring his careless nephew. Things get worst when Luke returns with soy ice cream instead of regular ice cream.

The employees call Michael out to the parking lot so he can see Luke's car. They all show Michael that the paperwork they'd asked Luke to help fax to corporate is sitting in the backseat of his car. Michael tries to keep the staff from overreacting, but it's too late. They break into his car and take their paperwork back.

Pam still feels guilty for accidentally ruining Jim's ongoing prank with Dwight, so she tries to make it up to him. She gets Kevin to break the elevator circuit so the elevator will only go to the third floor. Her plan backfires when she gets in the elevator with Dwight and it gets stuck. When they're finally freed, Jim's impressed with Pam's prank.

After Luke refuses to pay attention in Michael's meeting, Michael has a sideline meeting with him outside the conference room. When Luke still refuses to listen, Michael spanks his teenage nephew in front of everyone as a last resort. Luke leaves and the employees cheer Michael.

Michael learns from Gabe that the only way to avoid serious legal punishment for his actions is to admit he suffered a "stress-induced outburst." Gabe tells Michael he has to do six sessions of counseling with certified councilor Toby.

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