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Episode 6.01 : Gossip

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Episode Premiere

September 17, 2009




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2005 - 2013

Production Company

Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal

Cast and Crew


Paul Lieberstein


Paul Lieberstein

Main Cast


Today marks the last day of summer interns being in the office, and the staff are making the most of it. Gossip flies as people suspect that two of the interns are hooking up. Michael is feeling left out because he's the only one who didn't suspect the affair.

Jim and Pam are still determined to keep their pregnancy a secret, at least until after the wedding. After all, Pam doesn't want to walk down the aisle of her wedding with people whispering, "There goes the fancy whore."

Michael gets excited when he digs up some gossip about Stanley that nobody in the office knows. Michael also enjoys making his coworkers guess the big secret about Stanley's infidelity. Michael confronts Stanley in the parking lot about his affair.

After Stanley promises to break off his affair, Michael feels guilty because he told the whole office about it. He begins spreading lies about everybody on the staff to combat his previous rumor. Including that Kelly has an eating disorder, Erin will be fired, and Andy is gay.

Michael tells Meredith what he thinks is a lie, that Pam is pregnant. Meredith takes the gossip and runs with it and tells Ryan the big secret. Meanwhile, Andy hears the rumor about his sexuality and begins really questioning if he's gay.

Later on at the intern going-away party, everybody is whispering about the gossip they've heard about one another. Pam comes with an idea for everybody to trace the rumors back to the source and not surprisingly, the source ends up being Michael and it's time to confront him.

After Michael reveals that only one of the rumors he spread was true, everybody wants to know which one was the truth. After Jim catches wind that Stanley's rumor is indeed true, he saves the day by revealing Pam's pregnancy, causing all the other speculations to stop.

After Michael finds out about Pam's pregnancy he wants to know why he was kept in the dark. Jim assures Michael that it was nothing personal. Meanwhile, Stanley finds out Michael told his wife about his affair and now both Stanley's and his mistress' marriages are ruined. Stanley has no choice but to take it out on Michael's car.

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