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Episode 3.20 : Product Recall

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Episode Premiere

April 26, 2007




Comedy, Drama

Show Period

2005 - 2013

Production Company

Reveille, Deedle-Dee, NBC Universal

Cast and Crew


Randall Einhorn


Brent Forrester, Justin Spitzer

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Lisa Darr
  • Shira Scott Astrof
  • Anthony Russell
  • Jim Jansen


Michael was in crisis mode at Dunder-Mifflin when a disgruntled employee at the paper mill put an obscene watermark on one of their most popular orders of paper. Michael called the staff into a meeting and pointed the blame on Creed, who was responsible for quality assurance at the paper mill and blew it off.

Creed was hoping to do his own kind of damage control on the crisis by calling the paper mill and hoping to pin the blame of his mistake on to somebody else. Meanwhile, Kelly was in charge of getting the accountants up to speed on customer service for damage control. She thought the whole idea was B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

Michael sent Andy and Jim to the local high school to do damage control after the school used the recalled paper for their prom invitations. Things got more awkward when Andy discovered his new girlfriend was also a student at the school!

Dwight was put in charge of the press conference that Michael was going to hold because of the product recall. A reporter from the Scranton Times came to cover the historical conference.

Kelly was assisting Angela on how to be friendly on the phone. Angela was having a hard time apologizing to angry customers. Later, Oscar and Kevin trapped Angela into an apology, even when she followed her apology with an insult.

Michael couldn't believe his major client had turned away his free voucher of paper as an apology for the obscene watermark. Michael kicked her out of the press conference and told her she should call the "Ungrateful Beeyotch Hotline". The reporter wrote the entire exchange down.

Michael was afraid he had just created worst press for himself so he called Pam into his office to film his apology for the watermark. He told his "audience" that it would take a S.W.A.T. team to remove him from Dunder-Mifflin. Pam called it his best apology video ever.

Andy was still depressed over his discovery that his girlfriend was in high school and appeared to have had another boyfriend. Jim did his best to cheer him up while they rode back to work by singing a duet of "The Lion Sleeps Tonight".

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