Make It or Break It

Episode 2.05 : I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me

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Episode Premiere

July 27, 2010


ABC Family



Show Period

2009 - 2012

Production Company

Super Delicious Productions

Cast and Crew


David Paymer


Michael Gans & Richard Register

Main Cast


Sasha announces to the girls that the National Committee is two months away from picking the team that goes to worlds and that Kaylie, Lauren, and Emily's floor routines must be flawless. He informs Payson that he is going to continue to work with her as well and she needs to refocus her floor routine with a lyrical opening. She has to tell the world that she is an entirely different gymnast, one that is beautiful, graceful, and artistic.

Summer expresses to Kim that she is uncertain about her relationship with Sasha. Despite their chemistry she's unsure about starting a relationship with someone who's not a Christian.

Lauren decides to hire a star choreographer, Lacey Grimes, for her floor routine and Steve approves. Instead of calling Lacey right away, Lauren decides to spend time with Carter and unbeknownst to Lauren, Chloe makes the call to Lacey first and hires her to assist Emily.

Sasha takes Payson to the ballet where she meets his friend Jayden, who is dressed like a stage hand before the show. Later Payson realizes she is actually a dancer in the ballet and is inspired by her grace and elegance. Sasha's plan worked.

Austin motivates Emily to continue her dance routine after Lauren steals her Lacey Grimes Choreographed dance routine and performs first.

After asking her parents to hold off from filing for divorce, Kaylie asks if Ronnie and Alex will both manage her career together and the two quickly come to a disagreement for the music for Kaylie's routine.

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