Make It or Break It

Episode 2.04 : And the Rocky Goes To...

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

July 20, 2010


ABC Family



Show Period

2009 - 2012

Production Company

Super Delicious Productions

Cast and Crew


Bethany Rooney


Holly Sorensen

Main Cast


Chloe surprises Emily with a sleek custom white leotard with metallic silver and rhinestones she purchased with the first check from the private endowment group sponsoring Emily. Emily has never had anything so nice and is in tears.

As Payson starts her first day of her new training plan, Becca brags to Payson that she can now perform at a level eight skill. Payson can't help but feel a little jealous of her little sister's excitement.

The Rock is gearing up for the annual Rock banquet and Lauren campaigns for the Rocky award, also known as the most popular girl award. Lauren campaigns with the help of Steve's credit card and orders a Spruce Juice truck for all of the girls.

Lauren still steaming from Steve and Chloe's couple announcement takes one look at Emily's new leotard and is even more annoyed by the Kmetko's and decides to accidently spill a smoothie all over Emily's new leotard.

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