King of the Hill

Episode 9.03 : Death Buys a Timeshare

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

January 16, 2005


Fox TV


Animation, Comedy

Show Period

1997 - 2009

Production Company

Deedle-Dee, Judgmental, 3 Art, Film Roman, Fox TV

Cast and Crew


Boo Hwan Lim, Kyoung Hee Lim


Etan Cohen

Main Cast

  • Mike Judge
  • Kathy Najimy
  • Pamela Adlon as Bobby Hill (voice)
  • Brittany Murphy as Luanne Platter/Joseph Gribble (Age 12)
  • Johnny Hardwick
  • Stephen Root
  • Toby Huss

Additional Cast


When Cotton's friend Topsy passes away, he's left with ten-thousand dollars to pay for Topsy's funeral. Cotton, however, cremates the body and pockets most of the money for himself. The extra cash is burning a hole in Cotton's pocket and he decides to buy a timeshare at the Grande Vista Resort in Mexico. Unfortunately, bargaining is not exactly Cotton's strength and the salesman coaxes him to buy a timeshare at a very hefty price. Hank is angry that his father would make such a quick decision without thinking things through. Although Hank attempts to get Cotton to back out of the deal, Cotton is adamant in keeping his timeshare and is even considering becoming an exclusive "El Presidente" member, making his timeshare even more expensive. Hank is desperate to prevent his father from making such a large mistake, and when he informs Rich, the salesman, that his father has no money, Cotton 's El Presidente status is yanked immediately. However, Hank feels bad and wants his father to feel like an "El Presidente" so he is suckered into buying a timeshare himself just so his dad can attend the big "El Presidente" bash. Meanwhile, Peggy, Bobby and Dale are trying to find some sort of relief from the intense heat outdoors. They sneak into vacant neighborhood pools, but something always happens to ruin their refreshing fun. So, Peggy has the bright idea to take a dip in the local high school pool which is unoccupied for the summer, but unknowingly the janitor locks them inside with no way out until morning making the escapade quite the adventure.

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