King of the Hill

Episode 8.08 : Rich Hank, Poor Hank

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

January 04, 2004


Fox TV


Animation, Comedy

Show Period

1997 - 2009

Production Company

Deedle-Dee, Judgmental, 3 Art, Film Roman, Fox TV

Cast and Crew


Tricia Garcia


Etan Cohen

Main Cast

  • Mike Judge
  • Kathy Najimy
  • Pamela Adlon as Bobby Hill (voice)
  • Brittany Murphy as Luanne Platter/Joseph Gribble (Age 12)
  • Johnny Hardwick
  • Stephen Root
  • Toby Huss

Additional Cast

  • Lauren Tom
  • Breckin Meyer as Joseph Gribble / Kid #2 / Mr. Haggerty
  • Jonathan Joss


Hank uses a shopping trip with Bobby to buy his first wallet, as an opportunity to teach Bobby the value of a dollar. But Hank is evasive and tells Bobby it is vulgar to talk about money when Bobby starts asking questions about how much Hank makes. This only peaks Bobby's curiosity and he enlists Connie and Joseph to help him snoop around the house and look for evidence of how much money the Hills have.

Bobby becomes convinced that they are rich, despite Hank's frugality, when he hears Hank boasting about his yearly bonus and finds some "oil records" in their basement. Angered by Hank's cheapness, Bobby goes on a shopping spree with Hank's emergency credit card - which includes buying a customized ski-doo.

Hank is notified by the credit card company of some unusual activity and goes down to the mall to catch the criminal in the act. He is shocked to learn that it was Bobby, who thinks that they are rich. As Bobby's punishment, he must sell all the merchandise and earn the money to pay the difference. Meanwhile, Hank must also explain exactly what their financial situation is. And because it appears Bobby has learned his lesson, he lets him keep the ski-doo for awhile.

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