Episode 2.12 : Season of the Hexenbiest

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

November 16, 2012





Show Period

2011 - now

Production Company

Hazy Mills Productions, Universal Media Studios

Cast and Crew


Karen Gaviola


Jim Kouf, David Greenwalt

Main Cast

  • David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt
  • Russell Hornsby as Hank Green
  • Reggie Lee
  • Silas Weir Mitchell
  • Sasha Roiz
  • Bitsie Tulloch
  • Bree Turner
  • Claire Coffee
  • Kate Burton


Following Monroe's shocking discovery, Juliette is in a state of disbelief and runs off. Captain Renard is not far behind. As they leave the Spice Shop, it becomes clear that two mysterious motorcyclists have been following them. It turns out that the two bikers are working for Adalind Schade.

Feeling an overwhelming obligation, Monroe calls Nick and asks if he would stop by later. Monroe reveals that he witnessed Juliette in an intimate position with another man earlier in the shop. Nick is upset and feels betrayed. To make matters worse, Juliette later confesses to Nick that she has feelings for another man. Nick is heartbroken and doesn't want to know who the other man is; it is no longer his business. Is this the end of Juliette and Nick?

Meanwhile, Adalind stops by Hank's house to apologize for how things ended between them. She asks for his forgiveness. Hank doesn't find her apology to be genuine, and his suspicions are realized when he is attacked by two Hundjager moments after she leaves.

Captain Renard is brought to Adalind's hotel room. She warns him that he has 48 hours to get the infamous key from Nick. If not, she will reveal his true identity to Nick and that he was the one responsible for Nick's aunt's murder.

The next morning, Hank is rushed to the hospital, and fearing for his partner, Nick arrives shortly after. Hank tells him that Adalind is back. The news comes as a disturbing surprise to Nick, but he is determined to find her and end their conflict.

Nick's worst fears are realized when Adalind surprises Juliette at her home, but instead of having hostile intentions, she asks if Juliette would like to have coffee and catch up. At the cafe, Juliette and Adalind converse; however, Adalind is more interested in Nick's personal possessions than Juliette's recovery. Meanwhile, Nick arrives at Juliette's house to find Juliette missing. Sgt. Wu triangulates Juliette's phone and discovers that she may be located at a local coffee house.

Moments later, the police arrive to place Adalind under arrest. Not understanding the danger she was in, Juliette is angered and is tired of Nick's protection. Back at the station, Nick interrogates Adalind. She tells him only what she wants him to hear - her hotel room, the company she works for and, of course, her want of his mysterious key - but Nick is only left with more questions.

Nick asks Monroe to investigate Adalind's hotel room. He finds four Hundjager - two of which are responsible for Hank's attack - and with the help of Nick, they ambush the Hundjager, quickly ending the threat. Back at the station, Captain Renard confronts Adalind. She tells him about Nick's trailer and how he might be able to find the key within. Time is running out.

Feeling frustrated, Nick provokes Adalind behind bars. She confesses she is working for the Royals and that she killed his aunt. Additionally, she reveals that she knows who the Portland Royal is, the one who gave her the order. All she wants is the key, and she will give him the name. Nick refuses and is done with her deceptions.

After, Nick goes home to pack his things; he is leaving Juliette. Neither one says goodbye. Hoping to take advantage of Monroe's spare room, Nick arrives with his suitcase in hand. To add to his grief, Monroe finally recognizes the guy Juliette was kissing earlier and tells Nick. Nick is speechless that Captain Renard - his superior and friend - would betray him. Simultaneously, Captain Renard locates Nick's trailer. Secrets are going to be revealed! To be continued...

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