Ghost Whisperer

Episode 3.12 : First Do No Harm

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TV Info

Episode Premiere

January 18, 2008




Drama, Fantasy

Show Period

2005 - 2010

Production Company

ABC, CBS, Sander/Moses, Touchstone TV

Cast and Crew


Ian Sander


John Gray

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Jon Polito
  • Damien Leake
  • Jean Louisa Kelly
  • Tom Costello
  • David Ramsey
  • Karen Maruyama


Jim must make a split second decision while trying to rescue two men from a burning building, and is forced to leave one of the men to die as the building collapses. Though there was nothing he could have done to save the man, Jim feels the death was his fault, and thinks the ghost is haunting him. Meanwhile, Melinda starts to communicate with the ghost of the man Jim tried to save, only to find out that it's a different ghost altogether. Jim's "ghost" has already crossed over. Melinda learns that the ghost, who appears to be in his thirties, is haunting a nurse, Jessica, at the hospital where he claims she murdered him. After further investigation and communication with the ghost, Melinda discovers that the nurse had indeed ended the man's life. It turns out that the ghost was actually an old man with end stage Alzheimer's, who had become like a father to Jessica. He was in such pain that he'd begged her to end his life when he could no longer deal with it. Once dead, his ghost was confused and took his younger form. Once Melinda gets them to communicate they both come clean and the ghost is able to cross over.

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