Criminal Minds

Episode 4.06 : The Instincts

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Episode Premiere

November 05, 2008




Crime, Drama, Mystery

Show Period

2005 - now

Production Company

Touchstone, CBS, Paramount TV, Mark Gordon Co.

Cast and Crew


Rob Spera


Chris Mundy

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Shashawnee Hall
  • Reed Diamond
  • Kari Matchett
  • Greg Watanabe
  • Marty Lodge
  • Justin T. Wren
  • Brad Heller
  • Bruce French
  • Sawyer Church
  • Melinda Page Hamilton
  • Jane Lynch as Diana Reid
  • Taylor Nichols


A serial killer abducts a child, keeps him alive for seven days then smothers him to death. The team is called in when another child is abducted. They discover and stop the perpetrator of the crime -- a woman who went insane when her newborn infant was taken from her seven days after giving birth. On a parallel track, Reid is plagued by dreams of a murder from his childhood (finding a murdered child in his basement). At the end of this episode, he "completes" the dream and realizes -- or so he thinks -- that it was his estranged father who killed the child in his dreams.

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