Cold Case

Episode 7.01 : The Crossing

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Episode Premiere

September 27, 2009




Drama, Crime

Show Period

2003 - 2010

Production Company


Cast and Crew


Alex Zakrzewski


Taylor Elmore

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Erin Chambers
  • Peter Porte
  • Michael Nader
  • Ashley Johnson
  • Anita Gillette
  • Ryan Carr
  • Tracey Walter
  • John Churchill
  • Stephen Mendillo
  • Loren Lester
  • Nick Warnock
  • Jolene Andersen


­Its 1966 and the SS Americana is making its final round trip voyage across the Atlantic. Among the passengers is Darcy Curtis, a young woman excited about a once in a lifetime chance to travel abroad, who was trying to discover her place in the world. Unfortunately, her body is discovered in the bowels of the ship in 2009, during some extensive refurbishment of the vessel by new owners. In 1966 it was thought that Darcy had jumped overboard to commit suicide, as her shoes were found by the guardrail of the ship in the tradition of many others who'd ended their lives in that way. However, with the discovery of her body, it is evident that she was murdered. As the team digs in to Darcy's past they discover that her best friend and travel companion, Grace Stearns, had pushed her to her death during a heated argument about Grace's husband, who had recently left her. Grace had desperately wanted Darcy to marry her husband's cousin in order to rekindle her own marriage, but Darcy was inspired by her journey to take life by the horns, and not just do what was expected of her. This had led her to meet and fall in love with a young man on the ship, Tucker Benton, and she and Tucker were about to get married when Grace confronted Darcy. Unable to accept that Darcy was moving in a different direction then her, Grace acted in a fit of rage and killed Darcy. Meanwhile, Rush must testify at Moe Kitchener's (the man who ran her off the road) bail hearing, and is shocked when Moe is able to sign his own bond and return to the streets.

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