Cold Case

Episode 6.18 : Mind Games

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Episode Premiere

March 22, 2009




Drama, Crime

Show Period

2003 - 2010

Production Company


Cast and Crew


Donald Thorin Jr.


Gavin Harris

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Billy Lush
  • Jacqueline Obradors
  • Ben Hogestyn
  • Erich Anderson
  • Victoria Pratt
  • Joseph Raymond Lucero
  • Jeremy Glazer
  • Richard Brake
  • Seth Isler
  • Jason E. Kelley


When the former college roommate of a schizophrenic man, Pete Scanell, comes to Rush with evidence he believes implicates Pete in the 2003 murder of his former psychiatrist, Dr. Julie Ramirez, Rush and the team scour the city in search of this now homeless suspect.

Dr. Ramirez used the music of John Lennon in order to treat Pete and was seemingly successful but some of her colleagues were not happy with her unorthodox methods. Rush strongly felt Pete was not involved in the murder and attempts to get into the mind of a schizophrenic in order to find out if he is just an innocent scapegoat or a violent killer; piecing together Pete's rambling drawings and writings to figure out where he may have been the day Dr. Ramirez was murdered. As the team follows the chaotic evidence trail and witnesses that include multi-personalities and bi-polar patients, it soon becomes clear that a colleague of Dr. Ramirez had a hand in Pete's mental deterioration and her murder.

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