Cold Case

Episode 6.13 : Breaking News

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Episode Premiere

January 11, 2009




Drama, Crime

Show Period

2003 - 2010

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Cast and Crew


Holly Dale


Erica Shelton

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • Jack Kehler
  • Steve Stapenhorst
  • John Cirigliano
  • Rebecca Tilney


In 1988, the news business was changing and topical world events were being pushed aside for fluff pieces all in the name of high ratings. Jane Everett was a young, beautiful up-and-coming anchor for the top-rated news station in Philadelphia. Her career was on a definite upswing when she was found strangled to death in a local park. Investigators had believed it was a random killing but an ambitious research assistant at the news station came upon unseen footage of the victim the night she was murdered; this prompted Rush and the team to reopen the investigation. Jane always wanted to do less fluff and more hard news stories; she came upon evidence that a respected plastics company had knowingly exposed their employees to asbestos, falsified drug tests in order to terminate sick employees and avoided paying their healthcare expenses. As Jane got closer to the truth, getting a company insider to confirm the allegations, she unknowingly put her life in danger; leading not only the company to target her but ultimately being betrayed by her own news station management.

Valens and Frankie reignite their affair but Valens is unsure where these feelings will lead.

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