Cold Case

Episode 6.11 : Wings

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Episode Premiere

December 21, 2008




Drama, Crime

Show Period

2003 - 2010

Production Company


Cast and Crew


David Von Ancken


Jennifer Johnson

Main Cast

Additional Cast

  • John O'Leary
  • Lindy Booth
  • Mariette Hartley
  • Zach Lewis


In 1960, the world of airline stewardesses was one of glamor and prestige. Ally Thurston (21), loved the adventure and the travel but when she disappeared, her family and friends were left wondering. Rush and the team get called to an aging hotel being converted to condos when Ally's bones are found in an old incinerator. Just before Ally disappeared, she was being recruited by a gem smuggler and it looks as if he might have arranged her death to cover his tracks. But the smuggler has an alibi, so Rush focuses more on the realities behind Ally's life: women were second class citizens in this seemingly glamorous world, and could get fired if they didn't maintain weight, got married, rebuffed a pilot's advances or turned 33. Ally was leading the charge to fight the establishment but her determination irritated the pilots she worked with as well as her fellow stews. She was successful in her initial fight, which made one of her coworkers kill her.

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