Episode 1.05 : Mom

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April 04, 2012





Show Period

2012 - 2012

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Universal Media Studios

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Troy Miller


DJ Nash

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Pete is very excited to show Alex the first new wall they've completed, though she's less than excited when it's not actually finished yet. 45 more minutes... tops! Pete mentions he's having lunch with his mom and begs Alex not to mention it to his dad. While Alex thinks it's cute Walt still loves his ex-wife, Pete talks about having to pick up all the pieces the last time she left. Meanwhile, Screwsie takes advantage of new guy Gary's devotion and asks him to watch her boss' diabetic cat for the weekend. This can't go well.

Despite trying to resist, Alex spills the news to Walt that his ex-wife Vanessa is in town. Walt says not to worry; nothing will happen. Well, nothing does happen until Walt takes Vanessa to dinner later, which leads to breakfast the next morning. They wonder how they're going to tell Pete, and he shouts from the next room not to worry. He heard their amorous ways all night, and it was all bad.

Alex is furious the "45 more minutes" wall still isn't done once she finds the crew playing basketball at the neighbor's house. They explain they're not working because Pete said he needed a mental health day. Alex calls an audible and puts Clem in charge of finishing the wall, ignoring Vlad's warnings of Clem's previous leadership attempts. New guy Gary has claw scratches on his face and is ready to help as soon as he gives the cat another insulin shot.

Once Screwsie mentions how addicts can relapse under stressful situations, Alex is concerned Pete might slip back into his gambling problem. Alex interrupts Pete's Gamblers Anonymous meeting by knocking over a table just as Pete confesses he thinks he's turning a corner. When Alex recognizes and names one of the other people in the group, Pete emphasizes, "Uh, anonymous?" Alex admits she was worried Pete was gambling again, but her concern is put on hold after Pete's mom calls with the news Walt had a heart attack.

Clem is cracking under the pressure, and the "frantic Clem" known for ruining their projects without Pete is coming out. Instead of fixing wires already outside the wall, Clem begins punching new holes to fix them on the inside. Following more destruction, Vlad eventually gets stuck in the wall while finding the wire Clem wants yanked. Upon pulling it, the electricity goes out throughout the house. Clem observes, "Apparently that wire was super important."

Pete and Alex rush to the hospital in a panic until the doctor reassures them everything is fine. Walt faked the entire thing. As they approach Walt's bed, they overhear him telling Vanessa about seeing a light. Vanessa promises to stay until he's better. Pete excuses his mom and lets Walt know he knows it was all a performance. Was it a good performance? I've seen better. Pete tells Walt he needs to let mom go back to London, and Walt begrudgingly agrees.

Pete takes Walt out for drinks and tries to hook him up with another woman to stop Walt from thinking about Vanessa. Pete finds a moment alone with Alex and takes the opportunity to tell her he's realized she's his friend. Alex was there for him at Gamblers Anonymous; she was at the hospital with his dad. He respects her relationship with Ben, and Pete wants to let her know he's fine with her just being a friend. Alex's head nods in approval as her face tells a different story.

The crew is ecstatic to be able to reveal the finally finished wall. Alex has no idea how disastrous those "45 more minutes" really were. Everyone is beaming at each other with pride when the muffled sound of a meow is heard. The boys have trapped the diabetic cat inside the wall. Time to start over.

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