Jimi Hendrix Sued by Former Collaborator

Jimi Hendrix Sued by Former Collaborator

Beside Jimi Hendrix's estate, the lawsuit filed by Lonnie Youngblood also mentions MCA Records and Martin Scorsese.

The estate of guitar legend Jimi Hendrix has been hit with a lawsuit from the rocker's former collaborator, who claims one of his tracks was included on a tribute compilation without permission. Lonnie Youngblood befriended Hendrix in the late 1960s and the pair recorded several songs together before the star's death in 1970.

One of the tracks, "Georgia Blues", was included on 2003 compilation "Martin Scorsese Presents The Blues: Jimi Hendrix", a soundtrack to accompany a documentary film series by the legendary director. Youngblood alleges he was not asked for permission to include the track on the album and was not credited as a creator of the track, which he claims he released on the internet and copyrighted in 2002.

He recently filed a lawsuit against Hendrix's estate, as well as MCA Records and Scorsese, seeking unspecified damages for lost income, according to the Associated Press. In the papers, Youngblood claims he refused an offer of $3,000 by a lawyer for Hendrix's estate - and he's determined to win the case.

The 68 year old says, "It's the principle. I want my song back. They had no right to take my song."

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    Feb 14, 2011

    Lonnie Youngblood should really be ashamed of himself. Of course to do so, he would have to possess some shred of decency which might enable him to have a sense of shame. In addition, the authors of this article should likewise be ashamed for not doing their homework and their research. If they had done so, they would have at least made some mention of the fact that Youngblood has been endlessly cranking out dubious and deceptively labled albums for decades (beginning virtually within months of Hendrix’ death and continuing up to this day) purporting to be his "collaborations" with Hendrix. In reality these albums contain only the same handful of mediocre 1963/64 R&B cuts with Hendrix present only as a sideman and on which his playing is barely audible. To make matters even worse, Youngblood has continuously repackaged this stuff along with completely bogus material he knows full well to have no Hendrix involvement whatsoever and yet he still passes off as Hendrix recordings. Youngblood has already made far more money off of Hendrix name than his minimal recordings with the artist should ever reasonably have merited. If he is indeed so concerned with "proper credit being given where it is due", he'd best begin by taking a long hard look at his own reprehensible behavior over the past 40 years. He is just yet another in a pathetically long string of vultures pecking over the corpse of an icon to steal the scraps.

    Detroit Saxophonist
    Jul 14, 2010

    Lonnie's a tenor saxophonist, like myself. Martin will take care of biz - he's a music fan. See him in the Round Midnight movie with tenor sax great Dexter Gordon.

    Jul 14, 2010

    I can respect that. If you help make something, nobody should use it unless you give them permission. They made money off of his work without giving him credit or a cut of the money. That's bad karma.

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