Lady GaGa's 'Bloody' Concert Comes Under Fire Following Cumbria Killing Spree

June 04, 2010 09:32:41 GMT

Concertgoers reportedly were shocked when Lady GaGa faked her murder in a concert, especially after what happened in Cumbria and Bradford.

Lady GaGa
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Lady GaGa has come under fire for mimicking a murder scene onstage during a performance in Britain on Wednesday, June 2, as the U.K. comes to terms with two separate killing sprees. The "Poker Face" hitmaker revisited her shocking performance from last year's MTV Video Music Awards at a show in Manchester, England when she pretended to be brutally attacked by her male dancers, before falling to the floor covered in fake blood.

The shocking imagery came on the day cab driver Derrick Bird went on the rampage in Cumbria, England - shooting 12 people dead and leaving 11 others injured, before killing himself. The carnage happened just days after PhD student Stephen Griffiths was charged with murdering three prostitutes in Bradford, North-East England.

Both incidents have left Brits reeling - and revelers at GaGa's gig were disgusted by the pop star's untimely antics. Lydia Haines tells Britain's The Sun, "I'm a huge fan but was shocked like everyone else. It was sick, especially after what happened in Bradford and Cumbria. It was just over the top and gory."

Another concert-goer adds, "I'm absolutely sickened at what I saw. We know Lady GaGa is not exactly mainstream for all the family, but she crossed the line this time. It was extremely tasteless to see her pretend to be attacked in such a gory way, especially in front of kids."

Anti-violence campaigner Lynn Costello, spokesperson for Britain's Mothers Against Violence charity, says, "I wouldn't let any child of mine go to see Lady GaGa - I think she's tasteless anyway and this scene appears to back what I believe."

"Something like this is tasteless at any time but so soon after what happened in Bradford and Cumbria it also shows a total lack of sensitivity to the families of the victims. These people seem more concerned with selling tickets."


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posted by gaga is gay on Jul 19, 2010
fuck gaga! and her shitty fake ass performances she sucks she's just another wannabe i've seen a trillion times,she's a talentless whore,and not to mention a illuminati puppet,gaga go to hell!
posted by anon on Jun 12, 2010
How can you say that we need to apologize to gaga? she should apologize to all the mums/dads/kids of the people murdered. what she did was tasteless and inappropriate. She was basically making a joke of the murders. She needs to grow up and realise the world doesn't revolve around her.
posted by eww Mainstream! on Jun 12, 2010
Stop saying brits are uptight, we're not, if the concert was before the murders everyone would of loved the performance. She obviously knew about the killings and knew that people would be heartbroken over them. She should of cut that out of her concert. If this happened in America or any other place in the world, im sure the people there would of acted the same way as the concert go-ers. All of the people saying that we need to get over it are insensitive, if this happened in your area, then you would be shocked too, you wouldnt be able to just 'get over it'.
posted by anon on Jun 12, 2010
If you're going to post as the same name as someone else then don't write like a retard. Did you actually read your post before you wrote or are you normally that stupid - she blatantly didn't make 'a joke of the murders' or think the world revolves around her. I didn't say anyone needed to apologize to Gaga because that is just as asinine. You lot make up less than 0.1% of the people offended by this; I know... let's just be offended by everything in the world and bring it to a complete standstill for fear we might upset someone somewhere... Fact is you are just sad and want something to moan about because the rest of your life is so soul-crushingly boring.
posted by wow on Jun 08, 2010
its gaga leave her alon you brits sceriously its a concert get over it and apologize to gaga
posted by anon on Jun 08, 2010
I'm British but I know the difference between deliberately trying to offend people (not Lady GaGa) and the same old boring, moany, lack-of-reasoning morons who complain at anyone having more fun or enjoying things more than them. I doubt she's lost (m)any fans because for fans and other appreciators alike, her performance won't EVER REGISTER as being linked to the murders or tied to the selfishness of these people. The murders were tragic but have 100% NOTHING to do with this performer and should be treated as such. The guy who is banging on about human empathy is full of crap and doesn't even write coherently - and is part of this ridiculous PC movement in the UK where we're so scared to do anything because we might offend this religion or that person... Pathetic
posted by DC on Jun 08, 2010
There is more important things to worry about then what GaGa did during one little performance; did you ever think she included this as part of her performance to make the audience aware of what is going on in society and if you pay attention to GaGa her concerts are about fears & issues people have; like with the anglo fish, that was a fear of hers growing up, maybe being attacked and killed is another her of hers and FYI .... shes just trying to show the price of fame ... some celebs are destroyed by fame through there own self destruction or media destruction.
posted by DC on Jun 08, 2010
Typical Brits, so uptight....its part of the performance, big deal. Oh no, she mimicked being attacked and got all blood .... who cares, get real. GaGa is a performer, quit acting like shes the one who shot or stabbed those people.
posted by anon on Jun 07, 2010
This is the stupidest thing ever; by this logic what we should also do is not make war films about Iraq given civilian deaths or any other tragedy. Yes, we get it it's tragic, especially for the people involved but dragging on the coattails of a celebrity and blaming that is ridiculous and if you look it's always the same narrow-minded morons who do it. If you are 'no longer a fan because of this outrage', good, the rest of the fans probably hated you anyway and you can have your own little hissy-fit somewhere else in the hope someone might listen... I wonder if some of you people ever engage your brains or if you are permanently like this.
posted by disgusted ex-Gaga fa on Jun 07, 2010
I was thankfully not at the concert. However I appreciate art but Lady Gaga knew of those recent murders especially the gruesome murders of Stephen G. But she still went ahead with an insensitive whether artistic or not display of violence. Did she not think that someone might have been related to one of the murder victims. I have no problem with artistic expression but human empathy seems to hardly exist in our sensationalist shock-tactic world. Of course Lady G did not cause the murder. You are missing the point here. It is her natural empathy as a human to observe that the last thing people want to be reminded about are the cold reality of what a sometimes brutal world we live in. Good luck to you so called fans but you fail to understand what I am saying re her having any human (universal) sympathy for tragic events that affected many people near where she was performing. Enough said!! Yeah she does make good music and I admire her originality too
posted by another gaga fan on Jun 05, 2010
p*ss off and leave her alone! my friend died of cancer because he smoked, but people still smoke all around me? how is that any different? you're practically blaming her for the incident, it probably had nothing to do with it.
posted by still-gaga fan on Jun 05, 2010
I went to the concert in march and she had the same thing then? it's a rehearsed performance, she cannot change the entire thing because the world is doing wrong? pretty sure there has been worse done by other performers? the question is why do people continue to find reasons to criticise gaga? all in all, if you don't like it, don't watch it.
posted by For real?? on Jun 05, 2010
Really guys....find something else to complain about. There are starving people everywhere, but we still celebrate being ultra skinny??? Im horrified at the events that transpired in Cumbria but Lady Gaga didnt endorse that. Her show displays metaphors for her nightmares, and also killing her off her demons. So before you go on the attack watch her interview with Larry King, she is extremely opposed to violence. Still love Gaga!
posted by disgusted ex-Gaga fa on Jun 04, 2010
I am sure she has lost many fans and would-be fans over this. Does she have no empathy or compassion for the UK people. Especially the parents of victims of the 2 recent horror murders! There is art and there is sensationlist trash, and Lady G you just stepped over that line!
posted by Gaga Fan on Jun 04, 2010
She's Lady Gaga. What do you expect.
posted by ex-gaga fan on Jun 04, 2010
wow thanks to u 2 people is dead HATEEE U NOT UR FAN KNOW

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