Limp Bizkit Cancel Their Summer Concerts to Develop Bigger Shows

May 19, 2010 09:57:19 GMT

'Moving U.S. headlining tour dates from amphitheaters to arenas for a better Limp experience,' frontman Fred Durst explains.

Limp Bizkit Cancel Their Summer Concerts to Develop Bigger Shows
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Limp Bizkit are postponing a string of summer concerts - so they can move the U.S. tour into bigger arena venues. The rockers have scrapped gig plans for July and August in a bid to give fans "the best experience possible" and are in the process of working out new dates.

In a series of posts on, frontman Fred Durst explains, "Moving U.S. headlining tour dates from amphitheaters to arenas for a better Limp experience. Basically, Limp is not an amphitheater band. We like to see less seats in front of the stage and more floor filled with fans going bananas. It's just more fun for all of us that way. Some bands are meant to be seen mainly sitting down, but definitely NOT Limp Bizkit.

"We want to give you the best experience possible so we will reroute to the venues we feel will work the best. High energy, good times. We want you to have the best. Working on dates now and those who already bought tix (tickets) will be taken care of. Definitely adding Texas. This change lets us add all the markets that were going to be missed. Better U.S. tour for sure!!"


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posted by yeah on Jul 07, 2010
OK I don't see where they say they want "bigger" venues. They say better suited venues. In an amphitheater it is pavilion seating then lawn. They don't want to have people in seats, they rather have a dumb mosh pit in front. Can't any of you people read?
posted by swicker on May 20, 2010
How about... POOR TICKET SALES! Their going to move from an amphitheatre in Camden, NJ holding 25,000 to an arena that tops out at 20,000 because they need more room? I think not... who cares about these clowns anymore anyway? Put on your stupid red hat and go home Fred!
posted by lol on May 20, 2010
Arenas are SMALLER than amphitheaters - they are moving due to slow ticket sales
posted by Ed on May 19, 2010
Fred's reasoning is very "limp"! Do the shows as planned!
posted by Lunchbox42O on May 19, 2010
Can anyone say ego issues. Seriously tho who does he think they are really ? There not the greatest band ever why would schedule a tour and then turn around and be like oh the venues are not big enough wtf is that get real dude!!!!!
posted by emily on May 19, 2010
@ bizkit lover--we got our tix too for riverbend and they are refunding!! sucksss!!
posted by BOOO on May 19, 2010
People who bought tix will be taken care off? how b giving us a fn refund lo
posted by bizkitlover on May 19, 2010
Hell..are they gonna reschedule ones in the areas that they canceled? Been waiting for this tour for years, had already got my cincy tickets.
posted by Irving Assoff on May 19, 2010
Looks like the Nookie may have listened to the Irving Azoff and took it in the Assoff...
posted by Fun Guy on May 19, 2010
Why would they do "larger shows"? Me thinks the Limp may need to go back to small clubs and regain their MoJo.
posted by timtickets on May 19, 2010
I call BS on this. Can you say terrible ticket sales. Lets face it greed and lack of talent finally caught up to these jokers!
posted by soggy bizkit eaters on May 19, 2010
man i was hoping they died

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