Janet Jackson Snubbed by LCD Soundsystem's Frontman

May 05, 2010 04:54:50 GMT

James Murphy got a phone message from the acclaimed singer but he was not interested in penning a song for her so he didn't return the call.

Janet Jackson Snubbed by LCD Soundsystem's Frontman
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LCD Soundsystem frontman James Murphy snubbed Janet Jackson when she asked him to write a "funky and dirty" track for her. The rocker was approached by the "Nasty" singer after she was impressed with the band's debut single, "Losing My Edge".

Jackson asked Murphy to help boost her chart hopes by creating a tailor-made song for her - but he ignored the request. Murphy tells Uncut magazine, "I got a phone message from Janet Jackson saying. 'Hi, I love Losing My Edge, can you do me something funky and dirty like that?' I can't really do off-the-peg stuff, so I never called back. It's not a problem. I'll always find a way to make a living."

Janet Jackson is taking a hiatus from working on a new album. She said back in March, "There was a time where I was actually in the studio and I was recording, but I'm not working on an album. There have been a lot of record labels that have asked me to sit down and talk with them, but I don't know if I want to do something completely independent, or go with a major."


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posted by NY on May 05, 2010
They don't appear on MTV or the Disney Channel so you probably haven't heard of LCD Soundsystem. They're huge in NYC.
posted by Jessi on May 05, 2010
what an asshole.That man will Never make it in the music business. Janet is the sweetest person and she is the one of biggest selling recording artist in the world. Who the hell does this jerk off think he is? He's a nobody. If i didn't read this article I would have no clue in the world of who he is. So in reality if it wasn't for Janet Jackson there would be one less person in the would that knows this loser exist. Lol
posted by Me on May 05, 2010
What a douche! Besides, that doesn't even sound like Janet either! and who is this guy anyway??

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