Former Skid Row's Phil Varone Files Legal Paper Against Ex-Bandmates

February 25, 2010 04:53:06 GMT

The former drummer of Skid Row has sued the band's guitarist David Sabo and bassist James Southworth after they allegedly 'spread vicious lies about Varone in an effort to destroy his reputation.'

Former Skid Row's Phil Varone Files Legal Paper Against Ex-Bandmates
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Former Skid Row's drummer Phil Varone has filed a lawsuit against the band's guitarist David Sabo and bassist James Southworth accusing the rockers of "spreading lies" and destroying his reputation. Varone, who drummed for the '80s glam rock band from 2000 to 2003, filed the suit in Los Angeles Superior Court on February 5.

He claims the Sabo and Southworth "have embarked on a crusade to spread vicious lies about Varone in an effort to destroy his professional and personal reputation" and "to prevent him from truthfully describing his career history as the drummer for Skid Row, by contending that his use of the band name is trademark infringement".

In 2009, Varone appeared on U.S. reality TV show "Sex Rehab With Dr. Drew", where he claimed to have slept with more than 3,000 women. He claims Sabo, Southworth and their lawyer contacted night clubs and talk show producers for Oprah Winfrey and Tyra Banks ahead of his scheduled appearances, and used his connection with "Sex Rehab" to successfully prevent him from being identified as a former drummer of Skid Row.

In addition, he claims the pair "had falsely informed people that Varone had slept with Sabo's wife, that Varone is a cocaine addict and that Varone is a liar," adding, "Its (Skid Row's) complete omission from a description of Varone's professional experience deprives Varone from the benefits of his experience as a professional studio and live musician and rock star who toured the world, gave countless interviews, made hundreds of appearances and amassed thousands of fans worldwide."

Varone is seeking unspecified compensatory and punitive damages. He is also seeking a declaration that his use of the Skid Row name does not violate trademark agreements, according to the Hollywood Reporter.


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posted by liar on Nov 17, 2010
I wonder if anyone ever contacted his "current" 2nd wife to see what drove them to split up? I heard the story and Cocaine and Liar seemed to be a big part of it. Too bad it was never revealed on Dr. Drew that he is infact married and has been for a few years. Liar, yes.
posted by wow on Mar 07, 2010
True. Phil has produced a movie where he talks about his cocaine addiction. He somehow left that out of Sex Rehab, but everyone who knows anything about Phil, knows that he battled with drug addiction.
posted by hope on Mar 03, 2010
Really? His past is hi past, but they should not be contacting Oprah, ect to prevent him from stating that he drummed for Skid Row. He did. Thats like a past job of mine saying I couldnt put my experience on my resume. Seems immature..
posted by shishkabobism on Feb 25, 2010
wow. he makes a movie about himself where he is cheating on his wife with thousands of women, a penniless drug addict who doesn't pay his child support, and now a "sex and love addict" and he is upset that former band mates say he is a liar and a drug addict and a cheater? LOL This guy will do anything to be in the spotlight, he is like the little kid who misbehaves to get attention. You are talentless!! Please, go away.

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