Dennis Hopper Defeated by Prostate Cancer

January 11, 2010 02:25:43 GMT

Dennis Hopper has finally met his final in battling prostate cancer since the deadly disease has spread to his bones.

Dennis Hopper
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Acting legend Dennis Hopper is losing his battle with prostate cancer after the deadly disease spread to his bones, according to a British report. The "Easy Rider" veteran revealed his struggle with the illness in October 2009, after he was admitted to hospital suffering from "severe flu-like symptoms."

He immediately underwent treatment at the University of Southern California, but doctors admit hopes for the 73 year old are fading after the cancer spread, according to Britain's News of the World newspaper. According to the publication, medics have informed Hopper - who has battled the disease since 2002 - that his cancer is incurable and that he may be facing his final days.

Dennis Hopper made his acting debut in 1955 when he portrayed a young epileptic in TV series called "Medic". Some other movies that the 74-year-old actor has played included "Legacy", "Land of the Dead", "Sleepwalking" and "An American Carol".


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posted by saint on Jan 12, 2010
posted by xupd18mpl on Jan 12, 2010
My friend my hero.It was you that filled my head with the open road and i have never looked back,Thank you for being you
posted by scottyG on Jan 12, 2010
I've always felt like when Dennis spoke,you got the real deal. Thanks for your honesty and your body of work.
posted by Mike Ross on Jan 12, 2010
His strength on the screen is not to be matched. I met him personally during James Deans heyday and have always thought vey highly of his acting skills. I am a P.C. survivor myself and am thankful I am. My hat is off to Dennis !
posted by snowdiva on Jan 12, 2010
Dennis Hopper is a great actor and it is a shame that his life is coming to an end so soon...but, he has had a very good and wealthy life.He has friends and a family that have brought him much happiness. Most of my life is done and my life can't even compare to his.....still, I will die, and die without the generous life that he has had. So, who will die the most satisfied?? Good Luck to you Mr. Hopper, I hope you get your miracle that you are hoping for....
posted by foreal on Jan 12, 2010
yeah his great good movies all of them i think,will be missed wonderful actor..
posted by shocked at this news on Jan 11, 2010
Mr. Hopper is a class act. I have admired his work since the mid-60's. God bless this amazing man and his loved ones...
posted by :( on Jan 11, 2010
u an really sad and hope that whatever happens, he enjous the rest of his life
posted by zacscott on Jan 11, 2010
I all way's enjoyed Mr hopper's movie's and acting and really enjoyed him on crash. You will be missed Mr hopper God bless you
posted by saddened on Jan 11, 2010
I have always been impressed with Dennis Hopper's tenacious strength and endurance. His work is wonderful and is, and will be, missed. Hats off to you Mr. Hopper!

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